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Let’s hear it for the boys today. Something for the handsome gents, courtesy of Nu Bride Ambassador and skin care expert; Joyce Connor of Brides and Beauty.

When I first met Mr Nu Bride I remember being surprised at how many skincare products he had in his collection.  All I had at the time was Clearasil Clean and Clear ( I know Joyce is going to be shaking her head at this!) LOL!

Mr Nu Bride, had what felt like every product from Clinique, Molton Brown, L’oreal Men Expert, Aesop, natural deodorant as well as exfoliators and face scrubs galore. He was putting me to shame when I realised I needed to exfoliate and he made me UP my skincare regime game! He knew more about beauty products and useful regimes than I did. But I loved and still love that about him, that he cares for and takes pride in his appearance, as many men do, contrary how we / society {insert applicable} try to stereotype them!

SO I invited Joyce to help any gents who need a bit more guidance than Mr Nu Bride did, on skin care regimes so they can look hot on in the run up to their wedding day and beyond. 

Take it away Joyce!

When we think of preparation for the wedding day in terms of skincare,  most people automatically assume it’s for the bride. One thing they forget about is the gents and of course, any groom or groomsmen will be in all of the photos and therefore requires and equal amount of prep and pampering.

Just as women, men can have skin issues too and lots of them are sneakily using their fiancées skincare when she’s not looking. (Nu Bride: Or if they’re anything like Mr Nu Bride they have a bigger skin care product range and regime than me! LOL!)

If you’re a male and prone to skin issues such as breakouts, redness or ingrown facial hair then you can seek advice and obliterate those problems. Your other half might have great skin so using his/ her skincare might not be the right thing for your skin type. Trying to guess what might help your skin or ignoring skin issues isn’t going to help either. Having a Skincare regime doesn’t make you feminine, it simply means you’re taking action to prevent or solve a problem.

Skin Types

italian-wedding-ravello-gianni-di-natale-photographer-www-nubride-com_3678Gianna di Natale Via Nu Bride

There are 4 skin types Normal, Dry, Oily and Blemish prone sometimes a combination of more than one of these.

Then come the skin conditions dehydration, sensitisation, redness and dare I say it premature ageing!

It’s true that men’s skin is slightly thicker than women’s but it still needs to be treated with kid gloves. After all, we should take care of our skin and not just because I’m saying you should but because you’ll see a change once you start and won’t look back.


Photography: Shaun & Skyla Walton Photography

Daily cleansing is essential to clean away any daily debris on the skin. Shower gel just doesn’t cut it as a cleanser and it strips away the natural oils on your faces delicate skin. Cleansing and moisturising daily with weekly exfoliation using a granular product should keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Choose products that suit your skin type. Most brands on the market are either generic or male specific.

Brands Joyce recommends:

Blemish prone and Oily SkinLa Roche Posay Effaclar range

Normal and Dry SkinAnthony

Traditional Shaving

plaisterers-hall-wedding-sattu-photography-www-nubride-com_0051Sottu Photography via Nu Bride

Shaving has an exfoliating effect on the surface layers of the skin.

If you use a shaving foam it acts as a lubricant to help the razor glide over the skin’s surface. Most foaming agents use an ingredient to create the foam that can have a dehydrating effect on the skin so moisturising is necessary to stop the feeling of tightness after shaving. Using a shaving oil instead, might take some getting used to but the effect on the skin is much more beneficial, even for oily skin types. Wet shaving has a light exfoliating effect on the skin.

Brands Joyce recommends:

Shaving Oil – Dermalogica for all skins || Mr Natty for all skins ||  Anthony for all skins

Turkish Shaves

michaelbennettkressphotography_0013groom_0_lowPhotography: Michael Bennett Kress  via Groom Inspiration

Treat yourself to a Turkish shave at a barbers prior to the wedding if you like that super smooth skin feeling.

Not only is a Turkish shave great for your skin but it’s super relaxing too and stress relieving! Turkish barber shops are popping up in every town so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. Allow about 20-30 minutes for the treatment.

Turkish shaves are done by professionals so even the most sensitive skins can have it done. Make sure you follow the aftercare advice given by the barber and ask questions about home care.

Turkish shaving gives a slightly deeper exfoliation than traditional wet shaves but isn’t damaging.

For a luxury shave in London visit Murdocks – (Nu Bride: Also check out Ted Bakers Grooming Room!)


Moran MayanPhotography: Moran Mayan

Beards are a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, they need a lot of care to make them look groomed. The rest of your face still needs as much skin care as a clean-shaven male. There are now numerous beard grooming products and professional beard groomers within barber shops.

Beards need to be shampooed regularly so if you’re using a facial wash you can incorporate your beard into your daily skincare routine, or use a beard shampoo.

Brands Joyce recommend:

Beard Shampoo  –  Mr Natty, Murdock London, Men Rock, Beardsly.

Ingrown facial hair

washington-dc-country-weddding-katch-silva-photography-www-nubride-com_09811Photography: Katch Silva via Nu Bride

Men with naturally very curly or afro hair are more prone to ingrown facial hair because the hairs curl around in the follicle and can’t get to the surface. Regular exfoliation will help to prevent this and shaving less frequently.

Brands Joyce recommends:

Exfoliator – Anthony Facial Scrub || Bliss Eliminating Pads || Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub

Ingrown Hair – Skin Doctors Ingrow Go||  Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment || Tend Skin



Photography: Katch Silva

This is one thing that most men forget about. Hands are on display in most wedding photographs. You make an extra effort on your appearance for your wedding day and your hands should be part of the grooming process.

Nail bars and spas are do nails and treatments for men and women. Giving your hands a manicure usually includes exfoliation, cuticle removal, cutting and filing the nails and a hand massage. If it’s up your street, you have the option to have nail polish too and there are matte varnishes available on the market specifically for men.

Brands Joyce recommends:

Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream || Bulldog hand cream ||  Jessica Nails Matte 4 Men range

Make Up

samantha_clarke_photography_styledshootgardenromance1539_lowPhotography: Samantha Clarke Photography via Groom Inspiration

Last but not least, lets talk about make up, because men and make up brings all kinds of visions and assumptions!

Makeup isn’t just about lipstick and blusher. A little bit of concealer and blemish cover can be just what you need to cover up any unexpected breakouts or skin complaints. Hopefully if you’ve got your skin routine sorted you won’t have a breakout.

Over the years I’ve covered sunburn, breakouts and red noses on grooms, and even plucked out and groomed some eyebrow hairs! Anything goes!

Mattifying primer is great for men and keeps oily skin shine at bay.

Top Tips

l1-bignor-park-cecelina-photography-074Cecelina Photography via Nu Bride

  • Like with anything new, don’t try something  for the first time in the week running up to the wedding.
  • If you’re not sure what you should be using, then do seek professional advice.
  • Skincare products don’t always have an overnight effect. Give it at least a couple of weeks to see any difference in your skin condition.
  • If you have an allergic reaction to anything new discontinue use immediately!
  • Keep up your new routine for your honeymoon and beyond.


Now there’s something chic for the discerning gents. Thanks as ever Joyce!

For more information on Joyce Connor hop on over!






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