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Oh I tell you, every time I edit one of these interviews it completely lifts my spirits.

Another brilliant installment of the Nu Bride Women in Business series. Allow me to introduce you to Pinar, founder, designer and Etsy business owner of CuriousMe Design, creating unique wedding stationery for couples all around the world!

I first met Pinar at Etsy wedding fair last year. She instantly stood out because her illustrations and wedding stationery were personal and brilliantly different.  I adored Pinar from the offset, her brilliant creative and inclusive designs aside; she is calm, warm natured and genuinely shows an invested interest in you and what you do and is all together lovely. It’s no surprise we went onto collaborate together in this Bignor Park shoot.

Say hello to Pinar!

Pinar Head Shot

Tell us more about your gorgeous business?

Thank you so much Nova! Awesome! (Nu Bride: Pleasure!)

Hi, I’m Pinar Creative Director and Founder of CuriousMe Design. I create custom, hand drawn
and painted wedding stationery for couples all over the world.

What were you doing before you started working for yourself?

Before this I was a Freelance Designer / Design Engineer for various Architectural practices,
Design studios and independent artists.

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What made you take the leap to work for yourself?

I absolutely loved being a Designer / Design Engineer, there was a huge variety of concept
development, illustrating, and model making involved, but there came a point were I was battling
against obstacles that made me rethink this journey.

Around the same time I got married and from there this new journey organically evolved from styling our big day and creating our stationery. It was my husband that gave me the confidence to get started and put myself out there. (Nu Bride, what a good man, I think he’s a keeper!) Ever since
then, I’ve not turned back, developing on every piece, and guiding CuriousMe not only as an
authentic stationery brand, but into a life style.

As I develop and life evolves, the connecting of dots continues. (Nu Bride: As it should be. Just perfect!)

What were the most significant challenges and triumphs?

One of the most significant challenges I’ve had was putting myself out there, and learning how
much of me to reveal to the social media world. (Nu Bride: 100% understand this).

I’m naturally a private person and feel there’s a fine line between revealing enough to have a connection and give an understanding of what I’m about, whilst still maintaining an element of privacy. I’m still learning and developing on this. (Nu Bride: Consider this another step forward!)
My most significant triumph is creating custom stationery or one-off pieces for couples around the
world. To think that it’s my own illustration that is travelling across the world, to more places than I’ve ever visited, and then landing on the doorsteps of all their family and friends just amazes me.

I feel so honoured that I’m a very small part of their big adventure. It feels so awesome.

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It was recently reported that women in business earned several billion less than their male counterparts last year. What do you think are some of the barriers to equality?

It’s crazy to think this is still happening today. Working in a male dominated environment previously I could definitely feel being treated differently. The glass ceiling, as they call it, was in place.

Not only is progression in some women’s careers stumped but also reduced pay. We need to be
granted equal pay as well as equal respect, and not to be seen as less capable when we have a
baby. Having a baby doesn’t mean we’ll be less motivated. (Nu Bride: Could not agree with you more Pinar.)

In fact becoming a mother myself recently (Nu Bride: Congratulations Dear Pinar!) has made me want to work harder and progress on projects I was a bit nervous about starting.

Education for women is an other barrier. Equality around the entire world right now is a continual

Being a business owner puts my future into my own hands and not someone else’s.

I’ve met so many awesome women in so many different industries making an impact right now. This is a small step but a great one. The only way we can rise up is to support each other and rise up
together. (Nu Bride: YES! So eloquently put Pinar!)

Can women have it all?

I feel ‘having it all’ means something different to each and every one of us, we all have a different opinion but for me right now, the simple answer is ‘Heck Yeah!’

I’ve got to work hard for it though.

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What do you love about working the wedding industry?

By far; the couples and industry creatives I’ve met.

Everyone is so different and unique. I love hearing about the journey, experiences, or a love story.

Collaborating is an other part I love and seeing the day come together. It’s amazing!

If you could improve the wedding industry in one way, what would that be?

I feel like I’ve not been in the industry long enough to answer in great depth, but one thing I would
like to see is more visibility of cultural diverse weddings. There’s a lot of alternative weddings that I
absolutely love seeing, but it’s cultural weddings from different backgrounds that I don’t see.

From looking for inspiration for my own wedding and being Turkish Cypriot, I felt I was the odd one out and couldn’t relate to many. (Nu Bride: This resonates Pinar, you’ve raised another  beautifully valid point).

What are your top three tips to finding the right balance between work, life, motherhood and leisure?

Having a baby recently has definitely challenged me to maintain a good balance.

Here’s a few tips I go by for now:

Tip 1 – Be present in every aspect of life, work and leisure. (Nu Bride: YES!) Whether it’s when you’ve taken time for a break, focusing on a project, having a catch up with your bestie, your family, or travelling.
Tip 2 – Take a step back, be patient and breathe. Having some quiet time each day, even for 10
minutes to just breathe and empty my mind, helps me focus more on what I have to do throughout
the day or ending the day.
Tip 3 – Plan but keep it loose – Sometimes plans don’t pan out as wanted, so keep it loose and don’t
stress on the little things.

(Nu Bride: Pinar these are such brilliant mindful tips and so important. Thank you). 

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What’s your advice for anyone wanting to follow their passion and start their own

Stop procrastinating, do it and don’t look back! (Nu Bride: Perfect!)

If you’re waking up everyday and thinking about ideas and ‘what if’s’ for your business, you got to
leap and trust yourself.

Although sometimes we may feel like we don’t fit into this world, we all do.

We’re all different for a reason, and we should allow ourselves to be ourselves, and take on great challenges without being scared of failure.

Tell us one thing on your bucket list?

To get back on a motorbike and head to California!

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I bet you adore Pinar as much as I do after reading that! Thank you so much kind Pinar, just brilliant!

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