The Rise of The Dapper Groom with Jeff Banks

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You will have gathered, I’m not really one for trends, but 2015 definitely saw a rise in grooms taking pride in their appearance. From an increase in online resources to inspire the modern gent, to men genuinely taking the time to invest in and look pretty darn hot on their wedding day and I’m pleased as punch to say that is continuing into 2016.  

Hurrah! No more shaggy, baggy suits!

To help me on my quest to saturate the industry with stylish men in suits, I got the lowdown with legendary award-winning British designer and East-End charmer Jeff Banks at the Gentlemens Lounge at The National Wedding Show.

The Wedding Theatre - Jeff Banks and Kat Byrne (1)JEFF BANKS SAVILE ROW LOGO

With a flagship store proudly perched on affluent Savile Row, Jeff Banks has been at the forefront of mens fashion for a ridiculously impressive five decades. 

This man knows what he is talking about and boy does he know; 1. how to design a suit and 2. how gentlemen should wear a suit!

The Jeff Banks brand is acclaimed internationally, in addition to the Savile Row store, Jeff Banks off-the-peg ranges continue to be popular in trusted high street stores. An inclusive brand, Jeff Banks knows how to appeal to a market of varying budgets, ages and taste, ultimately men who all share one thing in common, their desire to be seen, to look and feel pretty damn suave in a suit.

Jeff is such a charmer, it was a delight listening to him recount how mens fashion has evolved over the years. Plus, Jeff kindly informed me that there used to be a ‘cremé de la cremé’ fashion magazine called Nova in the 60’s! I’m still trying to find an archived copy! 

Jeff Banks tells me more…

Over the last few years, the penny has finally dropped! Lads are recognising, that if you want to get a decent girl you’ve got to scrub up and to pay attention!


It particularly became apparent to me in Australia while hosting a fashion show for channel seven. I noticed the guys have improved enormously in the way they look and it made me start looking at British guys and they are doing the same thing. Men are finally getting their act together. It’s rubbing off when they have got an event, whether they are getting married or going to the races, men are actually paying a lot more attention.

Growing up in the 60’s it was common practice to pay finite attention to your clothes and shoes and overall appearance. Some how that went away in the 70’s and never really came back, the grunge era in the 90’s gave men an excuse not to make an effort or look after themselves.

I remember in the 80’s I would live in two colours….

From October to March I would wear black suits, and from April to September I would wear navy blue suits. I wore the same bloody colour every day. (Nu Bride:

Jeff Banks Savile Row (2)

Finally that has drained away now and colours are coming back. Men are getting a lot more brave with the colours they are wearing.

As well as providing a service for our grooms, where relevant, we want the brides to dedicate as much diligence and attention to their other half’s wedding fashion choices as they do their own.

It’s evident, brides are still very much in the driving seat with fashion choices for their grooms and we believe she’s got to have some involvement with the process and not just leave them to it. I’ve seen it happen often where the groom will go against the advice of his tailor because his other half is not involved in the process and doesn’t have an understanding of the options available, such as the cloth, fit and accessories.

A bride will pay attention to every detail from the dress to the accessories to the flowers and finishing touches. Men should be doing the same with their outfit. From choosing the colour of the shirt, does it tie in with the bridal party? From the socks, to shoe colours, to cravat, pocket square and buttonholes.

It can be good fun and really enjoyable putting everything together.


Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of choices for men’s tailoring and we can guide our clients through this and recommend. However it’s important for partner / bride to be fully involved with the process too and start looking through fabrics, and colours for shirts for example to tie in with the overall theme, so everyone is happy. We have 1.6 million options on a Jeff Banks shirt range. That normally keeps the bride quiet! Lol!

Nu Bride: You cheeky so-and-so Jeff! Thank you for joining Nu Bride today. What a delight!

Jeff Banks and Nu BrideLook at Jeff showing me up in his dapper suit at The National Wedding Show Autumn 

 I have to say, I loved shopping with Mr Nu Bride for his suit it was a real education, Jeff Banks is right, contrary to popular belief the choices for men’s fashion are endless. Prioritising the gents wedding fashion is paramount for the modern stylish couple.  If you are able to dedicate time to better understand and complement the choices with yours and /  or your bridal parties fashion and overall look, marrying the two together makes perfect sense. 

Jeff Banks offer off-the-peg, made to measure and bespoke services.

To find out more about looking suave on your day contact the Jeff Banks team they are great fun and they absolutely know how to design and look dapper in a decent suit!




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