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Wedding make up is often showcased using natural, neutral colours to inspire brides with their wedding day look. As a result we can often be frightened of adding colours.

Today we are Joined by Nu Bride Ambassador, make up and beauty expert Joyce Connor, of  Brides and Beauty. Joyce has carefully curated a few wedding day looks using bright colours, to show you just how gorgeous (and easy) adding a splash of colour to complement your skin tone can be. Adding colour doesn’t need to ve overdramatic. It can still be tasteful, elegant and you still look like ‘you’! I dare you to try!

Hit it Joyce!

Your wedding day is the one day in your life you are going to be a princess and photographed professionally.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no rules that say you can’t experiment with your make up before the big day.

Many brides say they want to be an enhanced version of themselves. If you’ve never worn any bright colours it’s a good idea to try a few different looks out so that you get used to wearing a stronger colour.

Bright colours add a bit of drama to make up looks and can enhance any part of the face. Eyes, lips and cheeks can look very dramatic with bright colours.

Try to use the bright colour on just one part of the face at any one time and not all everywhere at once.


L2-Bignor-Park-Cecelina-Photography-079Photo: Cecelina Photography

Lips are usually the favourite to experiment with bright colour and by adding lashings of mascara to your eyes, they will still look dramatic without having to have a dark or bright eyeshadow colour on them.

Darker skin tones look amazing with jewel coloured tones on eyes or lips. You can add colour to the eyes with eyeshadow or a pop of bright colour as the eyeliner. My favourite colour for eyes on darker skins are teal or electric blue and they look great as a pop of colour for your wedding day. Bronzes, golds and metallic colours can suit all skin tones if used in the right moderation and tonal shade for your skin.

John Nassari PhotographyPhotography: John Nassari via bridal beauty shoot

Fairer skin tones suit bright lips, such as reds and bright pinks, choose a shade that works with your skin tone.

Cool skin tones suit blue, reds and cool pinks. Warm skin tones suit darker (deeper) reds and brighter pinks.

Fiona Kelly PhotoPhotography: Fiona Kelly 

Medium and olive skin tones can go either way depending on if your skin has cool or warm undertones.

EFC PhotographyPhotography: EFC Photography

Mature skins should avoid metallic and shimmer around the eyes as it can enhance fine lines and wrinkles. (Nu Bride: Great tip!) Opt for matte shades or cream eyeshadow that has no shimmer.

If you have mature skin wearing a brighter lip colour will also brighten your complexion.


Blower LyonPhotography: Blower Lyon

Another way to add bright colour with make up is with coloured mascara. To give lashes the illusion of length add a bright blue mascara to the tip of your lashes on top of your usual black mascara.

Top Tips:

  • When testing lip colours in store, try them on the inside of your wrist it gives a better view of what it will look like on your lips compared to the back of your hand.
  • Every colour has a tonal shade from cool to warm. If you add black under a colour it will make the colour deeper. White will lighten the colour depending on the ratio of white to your chosen colour.
  • Lip colours can be mixed in the same way as eye colour to find a shade that you love. So experiment!
  • Try out one new area of the face at a time. Too much change at once can be hard to accept.


Thank you Joyce!

Brilliant make up advice as usual.

For further information or to contact Joyce Connor directly please visit

Header Image: Binky Nixon



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