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We cannot rehearse for the bad moments in life… However, can commit to infusing our lives with joy, light, love and friendship.

Sheyi, the way you hold close your friends and family has touched and improved the lives of every person in this room…Melanie, Maid of Honour

It’s not often that you get invited to a Nu Bride readers wedding. So you can imagine how incredibly touched I was to receive an invite to Sheyi (Seyi) and Simon’s wedding and boy was this a fantastic wedding to be invited to!

Beautiful Inbal Dror and Kosibah bride Sheyi and effortlessly stylish Reiss groom, Simon married on the 8th August 2015.

Sheyi and Simon wanted a wedding that reflected them, a wedding that was Quintessentially British, full of great music, family, togetherness, dancing and a wedding that also reflected Sheyi’s Ghanaian and Nigerian heritage.


Sheyi and I first met almost a decade ago in the music scene and really enjoyed re-connecting during her engagement when she became an avid Nu Bride follower.  I loved getting random night-time emails, Facebook, text messages and phone calls about wedding planning queries, supplier recommendations and wedding planning gripes that cropped up along the way!

It is a privilege to be in a position to help, lend an ear and to advise and recommend some great colleagues, many of which Sheyi and Simon booked.

As a thank you, Sheyi and Simon invited me to their elegant and beautiful wedding at St James Church Hampton Hill, followed by afternoon tea and a grand reception for their nearest and dearest at beautiful 18th century wedding venue; Hampton Court House, Surrey.

The joy and energy that emanated from Sheyi and Simon’s friends and family was a huge testament to who they are as a couple. I will always remember how I was welcomed with open arms by their eclectic group of friends and family. The warmth. The infectious happiness, the epic dancing and singing. The beautiful and stylishly chic wedding party, (the girls and guys were hot and the bridesmaids even received a gorgeous gasp as they walked down the aisle!) I even remember their handsome photographer Jay Rowden Wedding Photography wearing a tuxedo as he shot their wedding with such class.  Reminded me of James Bond – with a camera!

Their wedding ceremony was one of the most joyful and powerful church services I have ever been to date and I have been to over 100.  Gone were the dreary renditions of ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’, but hymns sung with joy and happiness.  People dancing in the aisles, cheers and whoops, a personal and beautiful ceremony, clapping and delightful live music, by the brilliant Juliana Lisk and Randolph Matthews to name a few. It was quite something and a solid memory that will stay with me. Such an honour to be asked to share this moment with them.

Enough from me, you can see the beauty and joy effortlessly captured in Jay Rowden’s impeccable photography.

Together with beautiful moving pictures capturing some of the most tender moments and heartfelt speeches in Adam Galwas‘ stunning cinematography. Be prepared to be delighted.

Over to Sheyi for her account of events!

The Proposal

Jay Rowden Photography

Simon and I met a mutual friends house party over two years ago in Notting Hill and have pretty much been inseparable ever since. Simon got down on one knee in a romantic  proposal at the beautiful Ellenborough Park in The Cotswolds. Nu Bride: Pssst. If you want the low down, you can read their full proposal story over on their engagement shoot!

Coming Together
Jay Rowden Photography Jay Rowden Photography

We knew we wanted to invest in great photography and cinematography and we were SO happy with the final results.  We would strongly recommend our photographer Jay Rowden, and our Cinematographer Adam Galwas they were absolutely amazing.

We are both fun people and our main aim was to make the wedding service as fun as possible.  I especially like to put on a bit of a show, as a performer myself. That I think we achieved, by having fantastic performances during our wedding ceremony. (Nu Bride: it most certainly was fun!)

We decided to call upon wedding planner; Ishari De Silva Weddings to help us partially plan our wedding and execute everything for us on the day, she was excellent.

Jay Rowden Photography Jay Rowden PhotographyHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0309.jpg

Our other focus was to have a good blend of cultures. The format of the wedding was still quintessentially British, as that’s what Simon and I are. However, by having the Nigerian drummers during the afternoon tea party, and the Ghanaian dancers during the champagne reception, we injected in some African authenticity!!

I knew I wanted two dresses for my wedding day. I chose Inbal Dror from Morgan Davies Bridal for my day time dress.


Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0341.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0346.jpg

For make up, on recommendation, we chose Alison Cameron and for Hair; Candice Edwards. It was important for me to have a make up artist and hair stylist who were confident working on all skin tones and also afro hair.

Alison Cameron was a dream to work with. Alison is a GENIUS as far as I’m concerned. Her work is flawless…. Candice is an absolute gem and really cares about the health of her clients hair. She is professional, reliable and a lovely calming influence to have around on your wedding day! (Nu Bride: How lovely)

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0310.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0311.jpgJay Rowden Photography Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0307.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0290.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0299.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0345.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0344.jpg

The Ceremony
Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0351.jpgJay Rowden Photography Jay Rowden PhotographyHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0294.jpg

One of our favourite moments of our wedding day was definitely the music at the ceremony. It was something that we both enjoyed tremendously. We had some amazing people perform on the day including Randolph Matthews, Juliana Lisk, Tom Prothero and Philly Lopez, a live band and choir   and it was such a magical time.

Nu Bride: Your ceremony was just wonderful! Will never forget the goosebumps! 

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0321.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0314.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0301.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0287.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0300.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0320.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0323.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0324.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0335.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0338.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0342.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0289.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0357.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0358.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0356.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0322.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0295.jpgNigerian Drummers 0295 Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0291.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0325.jpg

The Reception

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0334.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0329.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0327.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0360.jpg

My parents put forward some fantastic ideas to help us weave our culture into our wedding day. It was my father’s suggestion to have the Nigerian drummers who worked really well at our afternoon tea celebration straight after our marriage, and we had a Ghanaian dance troupe at Hampton Court.

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0305.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0355.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0363.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0353.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0352.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0366.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0317.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0288.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0315.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0297.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0330.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0332.jpg The funniest moment of the day (in hindsight) was the thing that went wrong… ha! (Nu Bride: Sounds about right!)

During my father’s speech there was a problem with the sound and through the speakers came ‘Can’t get you outta my head’ by Kylie Minogue, as he was trying to give his beautiful speech! (Nu Bride: LOL! Sorry! )

It wasn’t funny at the time.

BUT it’s hilarious to think of it now!

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0296.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0349.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0348.jpg

The slow mo booth was also a roaring success. Our guests enjoyed it and we loved the footage that we got from it!

For our first dance we chose to dance to ‘Stay with You’ by John Legend.

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0331.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0364.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0318.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0303.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0304.jpg

Challenges and Triumphs


Let me introduce you to dress number two, another highlight! This was a cream and gold couture dress made by Kosibah. Yemi, the designer also made bespoke dresses for my mother and godmother too!

The dress Yemi made for me was amazing, so glad you led me to him Nova!

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0343.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0286.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0316.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0337.jpg

Numbers are always challenging.

You always upset people you didn’t mean to and the politics of who gets to come and who doesn’t is tricky. (Nu Bride: Yup. Unavoidable sadly)

The weather was fantastic to us, but I know it doesn’t always play ball!

Our biggest triumph was most definitely our wedding ceremony and the fact that on the day everything came together perfectly.

Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0339.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0350.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0361.jpgHampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0312.jpg Hampton-Court-Wedding-Jay-Rowden-Photography-www.nubride.com_0298.jpg

Top Tip for Other Couples


Make sure you invest in the mementos of your day.

After the big day, your biggest want is to relive the day in any way you can. Which is why, the photos, special objects you commissioned for the day and videos like the one we had by the brilliant Adam Galwas, are so important and precious. It also makes things such as invitations and general stationery more important than I initially thought they would be. They are all things you get to keep, and that is priceless.

Sheyi, you bring out the best in me, you are my best friend, my confidante, my rock and the hottest girl in the world. I’ve been struggling to find the best phrase to describe your beauty but I think the best way would be to say…O.M.G! Simon

Wow, just wow. What a wedding!

Sheyi and Simon thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to share a such a precious moment with you and your nearest and dearest. What an honour. It’s been a privilege helping you on your wedding planning journey. Congratulations again. Wishing you continued joy, light, laughter and epic dancing with those incredible family and friends you have around you!  Much love. xx Nova

The Talent

Venue: Church: St James Church Hampton Hill | Reception: Hampton Court House

Photography: Jay Rowden Wedding Photography

Cinematography: Adam Galwas

Planner: Ishari De Silva Weddings

Brides Fashion

Dress: Inbal Dror via Morgan Davies Bridal and Kosibah | Shoes: Jimmy Choo  | Accessories: Gillian Million | Make-Up: Alison Cameron | Hair: Candice Edwards

Bridesmaids Fashion

Bridesmaid Dresses: Ghost |Accessories: Gillian Million  Shoes: bridesmaids chose their own

Grooms & Groomsmen Fashion

Grooms Suit: Reiss | Groomsmen suits: Debenhams

Finishing Touches

Cake: Maisie Fantaisie | Favours: Meringue Girls | Flowers:Miriam Faith | Decor and Production: Stress Free Hire | Stationery & Favours: Intricate Creations  | Food: JPL Catering | Entertainment: Andre Bloomfield and my cousin DJ-ing








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