Groom Inspiration: Something for The Stylish Gents

There is something brewing in the wedding world and boy am I excited!

I love a man who takes pride in his appearance which is why I married Mr Nu Bride, even though he takes longer to get ready than me. lol!

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The dapper discerning groom is leading the way. More conscious of their own individual style than ever before in the UK in particular and growing in ownership of the planning process and growing in desire to look as darn hot as their gorgeous other half.

I’ve noticed this in the increase of blog and magazine articles dedicated to inspiring the groom, including brilliant Instagram sensation; GroomInspiration.

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GroomInspiration, launched just one year ago by the talented Fiyin, GroomInspiration already has over 50,000 stylish international followers.  

Groom Inspiration was inspired after my sisters’ groom was unable to find the much-needed inspiration for the stylish groom online. So I decided to do something about it. The primary objective is to provide grooms with a reference point when planning their weddings. Fiyin, Founder, GroomInspiration.

Groom Inspiration

I am delighted to let you know GroomInspiration are hosting the first of it’s kind, a Grooms evening  dedicated to inspire and educate the discerning groom. The ticketed event is sponsored by the legendary  sought after international photographer; Jide Alakija, among others, at The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn, London on the 15th October 2015 and I have two tickets to giveaway!

Find out more about GroomInspiration and their Grooms Evening below.

What was the inspiration behind Groom Inspiration (GI) and your Grooms Evening

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GI provides grooms with various ideas on what to wear on their wedding day, from suits to accessories, as well as providing wedding planning tips from the grooms point of view.

GI has also launched a merchandise line that helps solidify the look, including lapel flowers, ties, socks, cufflinks and more.

We are hosting our first ever quality grooms evening, The GI Evening in London on October 15, 2015. The evening will allow grooms to connect with other grooms, some of the best Savile Row tailors, accessory designers  and more. Allowing the gents to do some planning of their own.

Do you think there is a growing trend for gents to look and feel as good as their other half on their wedding day?

Photocredit - Sottu PhotographyPhotography: Sottu Photography

Definitely! Grooms are now more involved in the wedding planning process than ever before. It has been interesting to see grooms contacting us directly enquiring about outfit choices and also helping out with different aspects of the wedding.

Getting the groom involved rather than ‘dragging him along’ makes it an even more interesting day for both parties.  (Nu Bride: Couldn’t agree more Fiyin)


More often than I would like, I see weddings with gents wearing poorly fitting and poorly made suits, do you think that is as a result of not caring or not being educated about how to scrub up well?

Photocredit @jotphotograhy for @alakijastudiosPhotography: Jot Photograhy for Alakija Studios

I completely agree with this.

Personally, it appears that some grooms do not invest enough time planning what they will wear on their wedding day.

I find it quite interesting as for most, the wedding day is once in a lifetime event (hopefully). Therefore I feel everyone should aspire to look his or her best. With the increase in wedding pages that cater to grooms, this should improve going forwards.


What are some of the must have for grooms and their groomsmen?

Groom Inspiration

The first and most important must have is a well-tailored suit.

This cannot really be over-emphasised, unless of course it’s a beach or relaxed wedding where a groom may decide not to wear a suit.

Groom Inspiration

The next most important has to be the accessories. From pocket-squares, necktie’s (silk or knitted), bowties (butterfly, diamond point, club round etc.) or even a cravat.  Lapel flowers or a button lapel pin, silk knot or metallic cufflinks, belts or braces and more recently, whether he decides to wear socks or the ‘no-socks’ look as we like to call it. The choices are endless and it’s helpful to have a place to guide grooms on these styling choices.

Colors… To mismatch tie and pocket square or not?


This really depends on the individual and the theme of the wedding. If the groom opts for a polka dot necktie for example, he can decide to pick a bold pocket square in one of the colors on the tie. He can also go for a different shade of the same color.  

What’s a great personal touch a groom can make to his wedding attire?

Photocredit - @jopstudiosPhotography: Jop Studio

Personalising the wedding day outfit is always a great idea. For example, the groom can decide to have his partner’s initials engraved on the suit inner lining or on the shirt cuffs. Great touch! Another way is by gifting his groomsmen with personalised gifts. Common gifts are customised cigars, alcohol flasks, and pint glasses.

What styles for the groom are on trend right now?

Photocredit @adebayoderuPhotography: Adebayo Deru

In my opinion, the white and off-white shawl lapel tuxedos were a huge favourite at the start of this year. At the moment, I believe the blue suits are making a huge come back. (Nu Bride: Agreed!)

Tickets – NOW CLOSED

Groom Inspiration

To enter the giveaway to win a pair of tickets to Groom Inspiration, The GI Evening, please complete your details below.

  • Giveaway closes on the 10th October 2015 or when all tickets are claimed – whichever is soonest
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  • Successful entrants will be contacted via email to claim their ticket

For more information on Groom Inspiration please visit:


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