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Oh do I have a gorgeous one to share with you today!

Heather contacted me all the way from sunny Washington DC after discovering Nu Bride a couple of months ago and to send me a very gorgeous and unexpected heartfelt thank you for creating the blog!

As soon as Heather sent me a picture of her and Andrew and shared some of their planning journey so far, I knew I wanted them to grace Nu Bride pages. Gorgeous .

Andrew and Heather met during a mutual office job and I will let Heather tell you the endearing story of how they met. So smile inducing!

Heather and Andrew had a romantic and intimate Christmas Day proposal in 2012 and are set to marry in October next year!

These incredible images were captured by international photographer; Katch Silva, dramatic, intelligent, delightful and romantic all in one.

Katch is the most amazing and down to earth photographer who travels around the world, photographing love.  Heather & Andrew

Heather and Andrew chose to have their engagement shoot in their favourite bookstore in Politics & Prose in Washington DC. 

It’s always delicious to see an engagement shoot outside of the backdrop of a park, but more importantly where couples personalise it and shoot in a space that means something to them. Perfect.

Over to Heather and Andrew!

How you met?


We met at work. I worked as an office assistant & I signed Andrew in on his first day.

He called me ma’am. (Nu Bride: LOL!)

I thought he was a total square and it irked my nerves that he called me ma’am. Made me feel old and so I decided I did NOT like him. (Nu Bride: LOL! LOL!)

But I later learned, that Andrew called everyone ma’am and sir because of his military training.

Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5033.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5034.jpg

He caught my attention, by making me laugh, complimenting me, and knocking over the pen holder on my desk, EVERY DAY for a week (persistent!). (Nu Bride: Smooth tactic Andrew. Tee Hee)

Eight years later, we no longer work for the same employer, but I STILL admire Andrew’s persistence. Andrew continues to makes me laugh & blush with his compliments 😉


Proposal story?


My fiancé and I got engaged on Christmas morning 2012. Andrew proposed to me while we were watching “A Christmas Story”….the George C. Scott version.

We watched “A Christmas Story” during our first Christmas together and since then, watching the film has become a bit of a tradition in our emerging family. (Note: my fiancé clarifies the version of the film each time we share our engagement story with people.) (Nu Bride: Quite right!) 
Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5046.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5050.jpg

Andrew took the ring out of his shirt pocket (I wondered why he slept in his dress shirt the night before and refused a cozy warm sweatshirt….He later told me, that he wanted to find the perfect moment to ask the question. He decided that he would not take off the shirt, till he uttered the proposal & put the ring on my finger.)

I almost ruined the perfect moment by insisting on tidying up the wrapping paper strewn around the Christmas tree.


Christmas is my one of my favourite holidays, (Nu Bride: mine too!) second only to our birthdays of course.

The energy in the room when he proposed was calm, trusting, safe, and full of love.

He said:

I want to wake up with you every Christmas for the rest of our lives

and took out the ring…

One of the happiest days of my life!!! (Nu Bride: Oh Wow, wow, wow, just gorgeous!)


Our dog was there, wagging his tail. In the moment and every fond memory since the event, I think about the fact that by proposing at home, my fiancé honoured the life we built together in this space. (We celebrated 8 years together this past June). 

Favourite things about each other?  

Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5045.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5041.jpg

Heather: His smile, his sense of humour, his sense of duty to help others, his compassion, his determination & sense of self. He is my biggest cheerleader & inspires me to be my best self.


Andrew: Her smile, her laugh, her intelligence. Regular, enduring, & insightful conversations, Heather keeps me grounded and makes me feel calm. Heather always reminds me to take care of myself and not run myself ragged.


What are you looking forward to most about marrying each other?

Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5039.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5035.jpgPolitics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5047.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5032.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5030.jpg Politics-and-Prose-Engagement-Shoot-Katch-Silva-Photgraphy-www.nubride.com_5031.jpg

The opportunity to experience life together & to realise our dreams & goals.

It is a profound leap of faith that we are taking and it is a huge statement of hope. (Also, I think Andrew will be the most handsome grumpy old man)


Nu Bride: Love love love  your story and congratulations on finding each other and especially to Ma’am Heather, for giving Andrew a chance! lol!

Much love

Nova x

The Talent

Photography: Katch Silva 



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  1. Alexis Jaworski
    September 1, 2015 at 8:23 am #

    A lovely engagement shoot and nice to read their story!

  2. Genevieve ( Miss Gen )
    September 1, 2015 at 9:02 am #

    These are lovely!

    • Nu Bride
      September 1, 2015 at 11:08 pm #

      Aren’t they just!

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    September 1, 2015 at 9:39 am #

    Great images and a lovely story 🙂

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    February 12, 2017 at 1:44 pm #

    Some great shots, nice blog!