Berta Bridal London Catwalk Show Mandarin Oriental Knightsbridge

I had the pleasure of being invited to Berta Bridal’s London debut catwalk show at the prestigious  ballroom in The Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge, London last month.

Israeli designer; Berta Bridal is continuing to take the bridal industry by storm and is a bit of an international celebrity with her signature low back dresses with intricate embellishments, growing in popularity across counties and continents!

Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4534.jpgBerta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4535.jpgBerta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4540.jpgStylish Claire owner of The London Wedding Club and Mimi of Zouch and Lamare

Hosted on a beautiful sunny evening on the Ballroom terrace, the event was hosted by Knightsbridge luxury bridal boutique,  The London Wedding Club (the exclusive Berta Bridal stockist in London) and sponsored by Brides Magazine.  Attended by some of the wedding industries finest, packed full of stylish brides-to-be and Berta Bridal fans . The diversity in the room was delicious. I met some gorgeous ladies full of newly engaged euphoria from London to Zimbabwe, and some flying in specially from Nigeria, Russia and Japan!

Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4537.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4538.jpg

We were well fed and watered and treated to obligatory champagne and some of the most delicious canapés I have had the pleasure to eat.

Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4539.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4541.jpg

Once the catwalk show started, I was even more impressed than I expected to be. Berta Bridal designs are simply beautiful up close and personal, even the stunning imagery from her collection shoots do not do the gowns justice when you see them in all their glory in the flesh. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship and embellishments adorning and celebrating the beautiful female body.

This gorgeous number below, was greeted with a crescendo of ‘ooooo’s’ as it glistened and completely lit up the catwalk.


Berta has created another extensive collection packed with choice for daring brides. It was interesting to see the introduction of capes and a full wedding skirt too, which is a step away from her usual figure hugging creations for the slender bride.

Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4536.jpgBerta and Nir: Berta Bridal

I was lucky enough to meet the lady behind the magic, Berta. However, it took her charming and stylish right hand man Nir, to kindly remind me she didn’t speak in English (after I had been rabbiting on for a good few minutes) and he happily translated for us. What a humble, gracious and talented woman and brilliant team.

The catwalk show was captured by the incredible London and International photographer; Bandele Zuberi – You can read more about his rundown of the catwalk show here: Here are some of my catwalk favourites, prepare to swoon!

Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4543.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4544.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4545.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4546.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4547.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4548.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4549.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4550.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4551.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4552.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4553.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4554.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4555.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4557.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4558.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4560.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4561.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4563.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4564.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4565.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4566.jpg Berta-Bridal-Mandarin-Oriental-Bandele-Zuberi-Photogrpahy-www.nubride.com_4556.jpg

The Talent

Berta Bridal – The London Wedding Club

Photography: Bandele Zuberi 

Venue: The Mandarin Oriental London

Headpieces: Terry Terry

Hair: Michael Van Clarke

Makeup: Laura Mercier

Sponsored by Brides Magazine



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