Creative Ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding with Pepper Pot Parties Part 2

And we’re back, with the second instalment from the brilliant Rebecca and Hannah directors of children entertainment guru’s: Pepper Pot Parties this time focusing on drinks reception and evening entertainment. 

If you missed part 1, you missed some super chic ideas – hop on over and catch up here.

With over 12 years of entertaining children and as professional performance artists, Pepper Pot Parties are passionate about spicing up children’s entertainment. Back with a bang to share some brilliant creative ideas to appropriately cater for and entertain children on your wedding day.

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Ps. Did you know, Pepper Pot Parties actually recommend that you ditch the children’s face painting on your wedding day? Yes, really!  Read on.

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Take it away Hannah and Rebecca!

Dress Up

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Dressing up boxes are great fun at weddings for adults and children alike! A supervised children’s dressing up box with lots of hats, masks, funny glasses and costumes will allow the kids to get creative away from the quiet moments of the wedding.

This can also be a lot of fun during the reception or while official photos are taking place, you can stage alternative photos with the children and their creations and I’m sure there will be a few adults joining in too!

Treasure Hunt

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If the budget allows for an entertainer at both the ceremony and reception, why not set them on an adventure mission such as a treasure hunt that spans both ceremony and speeches and gets them solving clues, collecting and finding objects to complete their mission. It would be easy to add a theme eg pirates and create an imaginary ‘kids only’ world for the day!

Table Entertainment

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If an entertainer is not an option, OR if the group of children is smaller and/or younger, then having something preset to entertain them at the dinner table is a MUST.

This will keep them quiet, busy and having fun whilst remaining at the table.

Puzzles or colouring books are great ideas, or why not design your own place-mats for children to get creative with, e.g a dot-to-dot of the happy couple!

Mini bubbles are also always fun for children and adults!

Small snacks are also good to have on hand as it can be a long time between a service/ceremony and the wedding breakfast especially for younger children.  

How about a ‘table pack’ to open and explore with a suitable game and some healthy snacks inside! If you have had an entertainer at any stage of the day or a theme, you can tailor this theme to your snack pack!

Wedding Fashion Show

Pepper Pot Parties | Matt Smith PhotographyMatt Smith Photography | Pepper Pot Parties

An entertainer could take the children to a separate area and split them into teams. Each team is given loo roll and tin foil and has to create a mini bride/and or groom out of a member of the team. If appropriate maybe a parade in their creations on the dance floor leading into dancing.  (Nu Bride: Pretty sure we did this with loo roll on my hen do – minus the fashion show. lol! What BIG kids we are! )

Dinner Time

EtsyUnify via Etsy

Weddings are fun places for kids to pretend to be grown up so it is nice to provide sparkling apple juice so the kids can say ‘cheers’ and toast along with the adults during speeches.

If you have an older child group (approx 8-10 yrs) you could also create a separate kids table to make them feel even more special and add props to the table. E.g Alice in Wonderland props labelled ‘eat me’, ‘drink me’ etc that they can discover during the meal.

It is best to avoid anything too messy (kids will have their best clothes on) and anything too sugary (kids will get wired and then tired very quickly). Fruit snacks and healthy eating are important for the kids (and adults) to enjoy the day from start to finish

Why not have individual boxes with food/snacks and a game inside that they open and get stuck into – see earlier ideas on games and place-mats etc

Wedding breakfasts are sometimes very rich and not hugely child friendly so it is often a good idea to avoid the burgers and chips and provide a healthy child friendly alternatives to the adults’ meal to keep the kids interested. Speak to your caterers or your venue about options.

Alongside the meal it is nice to include small favours/activities to excite the kids such as bubbles or disposable cameras

Helpful Do’s and Don’ts

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    • DON’T offer face-painting. Kids will be in the their best clothes and as much as they would love face-painting, their parents may not! A great alternative are temporary tattoos or glitter tattoos which are always popular and quick and easy to apply.
    • If there are a lot of children and the venue/budget allows it DO consider a separate space with an entertainer for younger children during the ceremony and speeches and perhaps having the entertainer roam around tables doing balloon modelling during the meal.

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DON’T panic about the prospect of having kids at your wedding! But DO be prepared and have things on hand that are suitable to the ages are catering to, to help them feel welcome, occupied, fed and watered for the duration. That way the day will be a breeze and you will enjoy your day to the max!

Pepper Pot Parties can help create a memorable occasion for all! From pirates, fairies, superheroes and frozen to more traditional themes.

Now THAT’s Children’s Entertainment.

If you need some inspiration with your party or wedding entertainment and need a helping hand, or for further information on Pepper Pot Parties, please contact the lovely Hannah and Rebecca:


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