Creative Ways to Entertain Children at Weddings with Pepper Pot Parties – Part 1

We often talk about entertaining our guests at weddings, but that often doesn’t translate to the cute little kiddies in our lives. Lets face it, without their own age appropriate entertainment, they are likely to be pretty bored at our chic adult celebrations and it is boredom that usually induces the all-too-familiar irritating behaviour, which we all love to hate and pray won’t be present on our wedding day!

A growing number of us are opting to leave the children at home and are drawn to having an adult only wedding, myself included. This has it benefits for ALL. BUT for those that feel children should be a part of the celebration and are the foundation of marriage, or for those who are on the fence; how do we ‘appropriately’ include them? 

With my biased stand-point, I felt the need to call in the experts. So today we are joined by children entertainers; Pepper Pot Parties to enlighten us and to share some super creative ways (and an exclusive discount), to entertain the little ones’ to ensure that they are part of your celebration too, but that they are also catered to accordingly! I think this is the key to hosting children, making them feel welcome too and not like a spare part!


Founded in 2010, Pepper Pot Parties is a London-based children’s entertainment company specialising in creative parties for children aged 3-10 years old across Greater London.  Co-Directors Rebecca Coates and Hannah Crighton are supported by a fantastic team of talented and creative entertainers and face painters, who all share their passion for action packed, fun-filled, magical parties! (and are blessed with the patience of a saint)

Pepper Pot Parties are also kindly offering Nu Bride readers an exclusive 10% discount off of their entertainment packages! Just quote Nu Bride to redeem. 

Take it away Rebecca and Hannah!

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Weddings are events to celebrate with your family and friends. By excluding children, you may also be in-directly excluding some of your most cherished guests, who may not be able to attend without their children.

If children are catered to and prepared for adequately, weddings with little ones need not be stressful or disruptive for the wedding couple, parents or other guests. 

There are some great ways to include children with adult celebrations  and to provide separate child friendly options where appropriate to separate.

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Nu Bride: Lets face it Rebecca and Hannah, weddings are generally BORING long days for kiddies. Well, they are.  

What can couples do to make it a little bit more exciting for them and to help keep children quiet during key moments of the day, such as the wedding ceremony or speeches?

A Room of Their Own

For larger groups of children: ensure you provide a separate room, or a space away from the ceremony and / or speeches. An entertainer could keep the children busy separately where they can let off steam and not disrupt the key moments of your wedding day.

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Craft Table

A supervised craft table would be a good way to keep the kids busy and allow them to make a wedding mask, hatwand or something similar that they can use for the duration of the wedding. Again this can be outside or in a separate nearby room, if available, to avoid disruption. 

What are Pepper Pot Parties top five creative ways to host children at weddings

Create a Fete

If the budget allows,  it is fun to include traditional fete activities that involve both adults and kids.

Everyone enjoys a coconut shy, welly wanging or throwing hoops onto a stick! A touch of nostalgia for adults and great fun for kids who can join in during the reception. There could be results announced later and prizes given to winners in different categories/different age groups and for mums or dads as well!

You can award a prize, a gold painted welly or sweets etc later on perhaps after the speeches, it needn’t be expensive.

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Giant Games

Another option which is just as much fun but slightly cheaper, is to include some giant games/activities to unite kids and adults and make it a day both adults and kids remember.  There are some fantastic giant games out there such as giant jenga, giant snakes and ladders or giant skittles. Are all super-sized and lots of fun, they are a great way to entertain children and adults alike throughout the day.

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To keep children focused and involved, give the kids roles at your wedding to make them feel important. E.g; each child has to take one adult onto the dance floor after the first dance to get the dancing started, or ask the children to give adults handfuls of confetti to throw after the ceremony.

Having disposable cameras on the tables and assigning older children as ‘official photographers’ is also fun and will ensure you have lots of fun snaps and selfies when they get developed!

Nu Bride: I LOVE the idea to give the kiddies roles! 

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Tick List

A running tick list for the kids to collect during the day. They can keep the same list running for the whole day to keep them focused and engaged throughout. For example they would have to collect a piece of confetti, a flower, something white etc. There will need to be someone in charge to check the lists at a set time in the afternoon/evening and announce a winner.

Honestly, please DON’T panic about the prospect of having kids at your wedding! But be prepared and have things on hand that are suitable to the ages are catering to, to help your little guests feel welcome, occupied, fed and watered for the duration. That way the day will be a breeze and you will enjoy your day to the max!

Pepper Pot Parties can help create a memorable occasion for all! From pirates, fairies, superheroes and frozen to more traditional themes.

If you need some inspiration with your party or wedding entertainment and need a helping hand, Pepper Pot Parties or for further information on Pepper Pot Parties, please contact the lovely Hannah and Rebecca:

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