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One of the things I love about the wedding industry, is getting to find out some of my favourite people’s eclectic and interesting backgrounds, that led them to this gorgeous wedding world. 

Today Nu bride Ambassadors; the gorgeous and brilliant Jo and Apos of Urban Cinematography share a snippet of their world with us. 

I enjoy doing these profile pieces, because it’s a great way to remind us that the suppliers we work with are genuine human beings too, earning a living and tasked with the pleasure of creating some pretty fantastic and important memories for you. Getting to know the suppliers you work with is so important in building a good relationship, so that you trust them to work their magic on your wedding day. I think it’s especially important to build great working relationships with photographers and cinematographers, as the relationship you will have on your wedding day is just so intimate. 

Enough from me, this duo are so sweet and hilarious and I love them Dearly! Read on to find out more from Jo!  

Urban cinematography

Jo & Apos – Where did you both meet?

We met over twenty years ago in Oxford Street, London. We were working together in a shop, Apos was a temp and we started dating in secret (Nu Bride: cheeky rebels) as staff romances were forbidden, which just made the romance ever more exciting!

What did you do before you discovered Urban Cinematography?

Apos has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation and worked in Harley Street and the city and I studied at the Royal London Hospital as a Dental/Maxillofacial Nurse. Then we moved to Greece and opened a Moroccan style bar serving various exotic flavoured teas and pastries, (Nu Bride: No way! That’s amazing!)

Our past work life has been incredibly varied and diverse but also very fulfilling. All I can say is that we really aren’t afraid to try something new. We really love new ventures and projects and we get very excited by a new challenge.

What would you be doing if you weren’t cinematographers?

I would be a florist and Apos would be a Oceanographer!

These were our first dream career choices when we left school. Funny how life takes you in different directions. (Nu Bride: There’s still time!)

Cristina Rossi PhotographyHere’s Apos caught in the act! | Photography: Cristina Rossi

How do you find a healthy balance between living and working together so you don’t drive each other mad?  

We mostly ignore each other! 🙂

No, really, we both have interests outside of work and family that we also pursue, but when were not working we love spending time together as a family. We always get grandparents involved for different days out too.

Mostly I think that to work together and live together you have to be best friends with a mutual respect for each others own interests. Apos and I never ask each others ‘permission’ to do something, we just let the other, know what’s happening. 

Take us back to your wedding day – What type of wedding did you have?

We got married Finally! in 2004 in Greece, (Nu Bride: Whoop!) it was a local registry office with just 4 guests as witnesses.

We forgot to bring rings (Nu Bride: Clearly you should have read my ‘don’t forget’ article!) and the photographer didn’t turn up (Nu Bride: Noooo!), so what could have gone wrong did!

Apart from all the mishaps we had a wonderful day with the most important people in our lives.

Just as an extra bit of bad luck after the wedding the few photos we did have got destroyed from water spilling on the album. But it really goes to show nothing really matters because were still together after 20 years. And the funny thing is we didn’t even have a video. (Nu Bride: I think we need to plan a vow renewal or something 🙂

NUMBER.  0014Photography Nikos Gogas

Whats your one tip for a happy marriage?

Don’t sulk, always laugh, and never go to bed without a kiss and always sort out differences the same day!

What do you enjoy most about being film makers?

We love to make people happy, so by giving them a wonderful film of their wedding gives us SO much joy. Also the freedom and creativity it gives, we get a chance to travel and visit beautiful locations we wouldn’t normally see and as it’s not a 9-5 job, we get to spend time with our little man most days.

What makes a great wedding film? 

A great wedding film for me isn’t about how much money has been spent on decor or flowers or showcasing the venue in the film, it’s about the laughter, people smiling, capturing the small things you want to remember in the future. I love to hear couples say their vows. We like to capture a feeling if that makes sense.

Sometimes the simplest wedding has been our favourite to film. And also the planning of the wedding is also very important, if it has a good celebrant it makes our life so much easier to film as the day seems to flow seamlessly .

A-Night-With-Nu-Bride-Plenty-to-Declare-Photography-www.nubride.com_3116.jpgPhotography: Plenty to Declare | Jo working her magic A Night with Nu Bride earlier this year

What do you enjoy more, filming or editing?

Apos enjoys filming he loves to get the shot he hasn’t seen anywhere before, and for me its the editing, as I’m an outgoing person sometimes I just love the solitude of editing away from the hustle and bustle.

How do you keep your inspiration fresh?

We travel a lot, which keeps your mind open to new things, we love to see other people’s work as there are some great videographers out there trying new things and thinking outside the box. 

Who is more likely to cry at a wedding Jo or Apos? 🙂 

Oh definitely Jo she cries at almost every Wedding or Christening. (Nu Bride: Tee hee like me) But then again she cries just watching the television at people she doesn’t even know! 🙂

Whos the best cook?

To say who the best cook is would actually mean that Apos would need to cook! (Nu Bride: LOL! APOS!) However, since he has a repertoire of only one dish I will take the “Best Cook” title for sure.

Il Borro Shoot | Nikos GogasPhotography: Nikos Gogas | Apos hard at work in beautiful Italian Il Borro shoot with designer Salvatore Ferragamo

Destination vs UK weddings?

They both have their place, but who doesn’t love shooting a wedding in a wonderful far away location, new sights sounds, architecture. Although sometimes it can be far from glamorous, the stress of actually getting to your destination can sometimes outweigh the pleasure. It really isn’t like just going on holiday you have a wedding to shoot so the pressure of arriving on time, with equipment can be hard, but someone has to do it 🙂

Favourite film?

My favourite film is Cinema Paradiso and Apos loves anything that’s full of horror or sci-fi but he also loves foreign Language films, I would say he’s the cultured one in the relationship which I would never dare to admit to him, as he would become unbearable! (Nu Bride: LOL!)

Whats the most exciting film project you have been involved in and why?

A couple of years ago Apos was part of the team on the set of a Ricky Gervais music video (Equality Street) he had a really fun day, he was assisting on the shoot for Comic Relief.

 Anything else you want to add?

We just want to say that we think this a really exciting time in the wedding industry as a whole, people are really upping their game in terms of creativity and service, we hope that things will continue to grow and become an industry that values itself. We have worked in the USA a few times now and were amazed at the professionalism and the respect the vendors achieved within their field, I really believe the UK has some of the best talent in the world and would like to see more value put into the creative mainstream market.

Thanks so much for sharing your world with us Jo and Apos.

For more on Nu Bride Ambassador Urban Cinematography and to see their work please visit:

Header Image: Nikos Gogas

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3 Responses to “Getting to Know…Wedding Filmmakers Jo & Apos | Urban Cinematography”

  1. Eulanda
    May 18, 2015 at 8:12 pm #

    Gotta love husband and wife teams! Their approach and focus on the love, laughter, and vows is so endearing. I like that they’re not so focused on showing off the venue. Really lovely work!

  2. Laura
    May 26, 2015 at 3:49 pm #

    What a great read! They make a lovely team and I like that some of their favourite videos are about the emotions, laughter and love in the room on the wedding day itself as opposed to the details, venue etc. It really is about building a connection with the bride and groom and the couple feeling comfortable with their photographers/videographers. It always makes for great photos and footage! 🙂

    • Nu Bride
      May 28, 2015 at 9:52 am #

      Thanks Laura – it’s really about those raw emotions that make for honest and wonderful footage.
      Jo and Apos really do make a great team don’t they! They are such a delight to work with and readers also give them glowing feedback too.