Phillipa Lepley 2015 Collection

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Allow me to introduce you to the gorgeous 2015 collection from the brilliant Phillipa Lepley who boasts a wonderful 25 years in the industry (which I still cannot believe given the youthful gene she has been blessed with).

I had the pleasure of meeting Phillipa at Quintessentially Weddings Atelier last year and enjoyed how she spoke passionately and eloquently about her designs and the gorgeous eclectic mix of stylish women who wear them.

This collection, inspired by her very own brides, has a unique and fresh emphasis on head veils and each design has it’s own veil to complement the individuality of each dress. From short and chic to sassy and sexy to classic and elegant.

Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2992.jpgPhillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2991.jpgPhillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2996.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2994.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2993.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2991.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2989.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2990.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2987.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2988.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2985.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2986.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2984.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2983.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2982.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2981.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2979.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2980.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2978.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2977.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2976.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2975.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2974.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2973.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2972.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2971.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2970.jpgPhillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2965.jpgPhillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2966.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2967.jpgPhillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2968.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2964.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2963.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2962.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2961.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2960.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2959.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2958.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2957.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2956.jpg Phillipa-Lepley-2015-Collection-www.nubride.com_2955.jpg

Read More About the Collection

Phillipa Lepley, the couture British bridal-­wear designer, is delighted to present her 2015 collection, inspired by the real women she works closely with every day. After over 25 years in the business, the designer remains wedded to creating exquisite gowns of the highest quality that beautifully refine the female form, with exquisite detailing.

This can be seen within the new collection, which exemplifies everything that Phillipa believes in – artisanal luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship.

In subtle shades of crisp ivory, soft cream and warm cappuccino, the sumptuous frocks are made with Europe’s finest fabrics, setting them apart. Draped, luxuriously thick Italian duchesse satin, the finest layered chiffon and delicate French laces are lovingly adorned with vintage pearls and diamanté crystals, all hand worked by ‘petite mains’ in the London Atelier. Enchanting and innovative silhouettes effortlessly bring these fabrics to life.

With Phillipa’s famous body­‐minimising corsetry that really does define like no other, the designs are profoundly feminine.

New ’umbrella’ skirts, decorated with organza flowers, are flattering and fun. In contrast, brides can choose from fitted dresses, fluid cascading dresses with plunging open backs or knee‐length dresses available in a variety of fabrics.

For winter brides, the glamorous new ‘Rosalina’ floor‐length duchesse satin coat is a special dramatic option.

Phillipa is passionate about a bride wearing a veil to frame and soften the look, and she has designed an extensive selection to work with every individual dress, including lace­‐edged, embroidered, beaded or simply satin­‐bound veils.

Dresses can also be transformed with button back shrugs, classic sheer shrugs, capelets or belts ­‐ plain satin, hand-tied or beaded belts ‐ offering the perfect solution for brides wanting to make a change to their look. Consultations are either with an expert vendeuse or with Phillipa herself.

Phillipa loves to attend consultations regularly and really loves finding the right look for each bride, gaining inspiration for new shapes and designs. The bespoke process allows plenty of room for adaptation, so every dress can be completely different.

Rather than following fashion trends Phillipa strives to create sophisticated, resolute quality dresses which flatter the individual, to stand the test of time. The designer will continue to add to her collection throughout the year. 

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