How to Create a Wedding Make-Up Picture Perfect Look with Jules Cardozo-Marsh

Hello Beautiful.

A question. How important is your wedding make-up to you?

Where do you place make-up on your wedding planning checklist? A priority? Not thought about it yet? Considering doing it yourself?

As a bride-to-be, at first I didn’t place much value on my wedding make-up and I know other brides-to-be who feel the same. I wonder if it’s because most of us have experience doing our own make-up frequently, in fact, every single day for some. So why would we need someone to do it for us on our wedding day? Just another unnecessary expense isn’t it?

Jules Cardozo-Marsh MUAJKB Young Photography

I was quite content with the idea of doing my own make-up and it was actually my husband that spun the idea of booking a wedding make-up artist for me. When I told him I could do it myself, he said: ‘it’s your special day, you should be pampered and treated like a princess. Have someone do it for you, so it looks great in photos, so you can sit back and relax’……

Best. Advice. Ever.

Now you see why I married him! (That and his impeccable taste in shoes of course! Tee hee!)

On the morning of my wedding, I was grateful for hubby’s advice. I loved having someone pamper and get excited with me and my bridal party. I loved having make-up that made my skin look flawless, but still look like me. I loved having make-up that LITERALLY lasted the entire 14 hour day and still looked great after several tears, lots of kisses and sweating it out on the dance floor! (Yes, brides sweat too!)

Jules Cardozo-Marsh MUAImage courtesy of Jules Cardozo-Marsh

Jules Cardozo-Marsh MUAShanna Jones Photography

It’s certainly not uncommon for brides to want to do their own wedding make-up, but learning how to do it well, so that is lasts and looks gorgeous and appropriate for photography and lighting, requires a pinch more technique than putting your make up on for a night out.

Today, elite make-up artist Jules Cardozo-Marsh joins us to share a few wedding make-up tips.

I had the pleasure of having Jules do my make-up for me at The Next Generation Wedding Bloggers Shoot at Churchgate Porter, featured in Wedding Magazine in March 2014 (and it is also featured in Bridal Buyer available now if you fancy a peek!)

Jules was a pleasure and very easy to work with and I felt very comfortable in her skilful hands from start to finish, coupled with a dose of her fun personality to add to the mix.

Jules has carefully put together a little ‘how to’ make-up guide for you based on the shoot we did for Wedding Magazine, with some top recommendations on excellent products to help create a perfect long-lasting wedding day look to suit you!

Over to you Jules!

Photography below by Lydia Stamps Photography unless otherwise stated. 

Here’s how to go from this dishevelled M25-hideous-traffic-as-usual look; to this!

Jules Cardozo-Marsh Make Up Tips| Lydia Stamps Photography | www.nubride.com_0513.jpg

Jules Cardozo-Marsh Make Up Tips| Lydia Stamps Photography | www.nubride.com_0516.jpg

Nova has THE most amazing skin (Nu Bride: Why thank you Jules!) and therefore when we talked about her ‘look’ we talked about selecting the correct foundation for darker skin tones. There are lots of great brands around now that have expanded the choice of colours available for various skin tones; including my all time favourite, Cosmetics à la Carte. You can custom blend your own foundation in store, which is beautiful and light.

I first prepped Nova’s skin with Laura Mercier foundation primer; it’s a lovely, light gel that helps keep your make-up in place all day. Useful Tip: A Primer is essential for EVERY bride.

Jules Cardozo-Marsh Make Up Tips| Lydia Stamps Photography | www.nubride.com_0517.jpg

As Nova’s skin is so great, I did not need to apply foundation all over her face and applied concealer only where needed to even-out the skin tone, (Nu Bride: To hide my bags ladies! Tee hee) using a multipurpose palette I can mix the colour to suit. Using a light, luminous foundation such as Giorgio Armani would also work perfectly.

Always apply a light dusting of translucent powder to the face to help combat any shine and it will also keep your make-up in place. Useful Tip: Dust the eyelids as this will help keep your eye shadow from creasing.

Speaking of shine Jules, I always struggle with shiny patches, I remember we had to play around on set of the Wedding Magazine Bloggers shoot to make sure I wasn’t coming off too ‘shiny’ on camera. Are darker skin tones more likely to absorb light Jules?

Naturally you can see ‘shine’ on darker faces more than on lighter skin tones. FACT.

So what can you do to prevent any unwanted shiny patches on black and darker skin tones?

Prepping the skin with an oil free Primer is crucial. This acts as a base so holds your foundation in place. There is no need to over product, so applying more to cover any shine is not the answer, you just end up looking caked… less is more.  (Nu Bride: Caked is not a good look is it Jules)

You need to let your natural skin glow, but for combating shine, use blotting paper instead of powder, which can clog the skin.

A professional MUA will be able to work on ALL skin tones and therefore understands the variations associated with different skin tones and skin types. They will be able to select the right products to ensure that your make-up stays put. Keeping up with all the latest new releases (product launches) and be able to confidently translate your ideas to a ‘look’.

Sometimes due to lighting and photography, shine will unfortunately be visible but that is down to choosing the right lighting conditions and the right photographer. Although we don’t like to rely on airbrushing or retouching, sometimes it’s just essential to tone down or even out the skin tone especially for editorial shoots.

Jules Cardozo-Marsh Make Up Tips| Lydia Stamps Photography | www.nubride.com_0515.jpg

Using Ariane Poole’s Eye shadow Trio in Timeless I applied the lightest colour (Bone) over Nova’s lids which gives an amazing sheen. Next, I applied Mushroom up to the socket line and blend, blend, blend… using Bitter Chocolate on the outer lid to define and build up to the required intensity.

I also applied a ‘pop’ of colour by using Cosmetics à la Carte Starshine to the inner corner of the eyes for a truly magical look. Apply eyeliner if you want to intensify the look and make it a little more dramatic.

I applied lashings of mascara (Benefit BadGal) and to make Nova feel really glamorous I applied a few individual false lashes to the outer corners of her lashes. (Nu Bride: Shhh, don’t tell anyone about the falsies Jules!)

Useful Tip: Remember to always curl your lashes prior to applying mascara as this makes a huge difference and really open up the eyes.

Jules Cardozo-Marsh Make Up Tips| Lydia Stamps Photography | www.nubride.com_0514.jpg

Stila is a fabulous brand and I always use its Convertible Blush on my Brides, they have some amazing colours and you can also apply to your lips. I chose Poppy (deep berry) for Nova. Tap onto the cheeks and blend to your required look.

Keeping everything light and fresh, I applied a soft pink lipstick to Nova’s lips. Tom Ford’s Pink Dusk is a great colour to try.

Useful Tip: Never neglect your brows and keep them tidy by applying a clear eyebrow gel by combing through gently. If you fancy the HD Brow look use its palette to define your brow shape, filling in any gaps. 

It was a real pleasure to work on Nova’s beautiful face and the results speak for themselves….

Blogger shoot © laura babb-26Photography Babb Photo

For more information on Jules’s bespoke bridal services please contact:

Jules travels throughout the UK and Europe and has a studio in the heart of Mayfair. Private lessons are available by appointment only. 

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