A Little Help From My Friends: Wedding Well Wishes from Celebrity A-listers


This is what happens when you happen to be an entertainment journalist with some rather useful Hollywood contacts to help to make your grooms speech just that little bit unique and unforgettable.

Newlywed and latest member of ‘team married’ Joe Michalczuk, decided to enlist the help of A-list celebrities, to pre-record well wishes to his brand new wife; Jenny, before making his wedding speech to his bride and their guests at their wedding day last weekend. This video had me absolutely belly laughing.

Apparently guests in attendance were reduced to side splitting laughter and tears whilst watching the video and Joe’s epic speech that followed.

Love in all it’s variations is just wonderful. What Joe did for Jenny is not exception.

See what happens when we follow what reflects  ‘us’ and our personalities and weave that into our wedding days, as opposed to following a traditional ‘must-thank-everyone-for-coming-and-tell-my-bride-she-looks-beautiful, formal speech arrangement that might not suit you? Follow your hearts and do what feels right for you both with your wedding speeches (if you decide to have them). Using a video message, is a GREAT way to share your speech if you are not a public speaker too! Getting some A-listers to endorse it? well that’s a whole different ball game! 

This is just brilliant and well worth the months of planning it took Joe, I personally can’t wait to see Joe’s full speech and Jenny’s face. Huge congratulations to Jenny and Joe

Personally I’m particularly fond of Miss Piggy, Phil Dunphy and “Laurence Fishburne” (Aka Samuel Jackson’s) honest contributions. What was your favourite? Smile and share!

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