Buy Our Honeymoon: Modern Wedding Gift List: Discount for Nu Bride Readers

Hello Gorgeous!

It’s quite common that most of us who are getting married have already tested out the ‘living’ waters first.

Already experiencing the frustrations instigated by a toilet lid seat being left up after numerous reminders to put it down. The piles of clothes strategically placed on the floor right next to the laundry basket, the bickering in homeware stores over paint colours and pots and pans…..Tee hee.

So, almost certainly, a lot of us have already gathered enough toasters, crockery and cutlery before we embark on our journey to “I do”

Mr Nu Bride and I found ourselves picking items for our wedding gift list almost out of obligation, to make sure there were some ‘affordable options’ on our list for guests to choose from. I knew by selecting the gorgeous Denby china it would only end up broken, because the pair of us are a clumsy as each other (Ok, mostly me). But nevertheless, we added it to our gift list anyway (and one year on, true to form we’ve already broken some of them. Eek!)


What we REALLY wanted as a wedding gift, was some money to put towards our honeymoon in the Caribbean. But it felt cheeky, almost rude somehow ‘asking’ guests for money. We tried to get round this awkwardness by providing our guests with options and providing a very small ‘traditional’ posh china gift list – the type you will stumble across at copious amounts of wedding fairs, but also an option of gift vouchers (which felt less rude) or to contribute to our honeymoon if they wanted to, which some did. But then we had the MI5 task of making sure the wedding post box didn’t go missing with all those cash donations nicely tucked inside it. lol!

We spent weeks playing around with our choice of language, how do you politely ask for money in writing? Psychologically it still didn’t feel right.

Some guests; and certain generations, do not like being asked to give cash gifts and prefer to give a present or to choose something from a list. I’ll admit it, as a guest, I also prefer to give a gift rather than give cash. I enjoy the part of thinking about the couple and choosing something just for them. For them to remember what I meticulously searched and bought for them.

I also don’t like people knowing how much I have spent on them. It’s impolite to ask how much you spend on a gift isn’t it? ‘Oh thanks for the gift, how much did it cost?’ It just doesn’t happen does it.

But with a cash gift it’s there, in full view. Is your cash gift too much? Is it too little? An actual cash value, shows, in black and white what your friends and family think you are worth doesn’t it? I’ll have to save the joys of the psychology of money for another post!


Buy Our Honeymoon, often described as the top UK modern wedding gift list service, must have had some of these gift list intricacies in mind when they created their honeymoon gift list service. Buy Our Honeymoon does not operate as a travel agent as such, but instead provides an independent registry. Designed to appeal to couples with their fair share of crockery and to provide wedding guests the choice to contribute towards various experiences, handpicked by the happy couple, to celebrate together on their honeymoon.

So. In a nutshell. With Buy Our Honeymoon, your guests contribute towards your honeymoon memories. But rather than ask them for cash, they pick what they want to buy for you via your honeymoon gift list. E.g From luxury flight upgrades, balloon rides, island tours, romantic meals. Picnics. You name it.

How lovely is that!

Buy Our Honeymoon was founded by husband and wife team Shelley and Andrew 10 years ago, when they decided to create their very own honeymoon gift list. Shelley and Andrew believe it is much more meaningful to have a honeymoon gift list, than simply asking for cash instead of presents.

We created Buy Our Honeymoon for our own wedding nearly ten years ago.  We’d been living together for quite a while, and we simply didn’t need the traditional gifts for staring a home together.  Our little flat just didn’t have room for more stuff — but we knew that guests would want to give something.  We always did as wedding guests ourselves!

Our honeymoon was a road trip of Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and elsewhere — and as we travelled from place to place, it was great to stop and think, hey ‘Uncle Tony bought us this and raise a glass’.  It genuinely added something to the experience.

Buy Our Honeymoon has a basic interface, which is very easy to use and navigate. Plus super quick to upload gorgeous images to represent what you would like to do on your honeymoon and to personalise with pictures of you and your beau.


Of course I had to test it out for you and it was quite fun for me to ‘pretend’ to have a honeymoon again. I discovered it was quite possible to use the registry even if you haven’t quite sign, sealed and delivered where you are going to celebrate yet! A little love note: It is worth noting that there is a fee to set up a honeymoon gift list.

What I like is that Buy Our Honeymoon can easily appeal to guests with both generous and slightly more modest budgets for gifting, as the registry allows guests to purchase an entire experience, or simply make a contribution towards one.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 21.43.07

Buy Our Honeymoon

Have you ever noticed that some guests always divert from wedding gift lists and buy something of their own choice for the couple? (I’ve done this before, risky business!) Even Shelley and Andrew have considered this type of guest and created a facility on Buy Our Honeymoon for the risky ones amongst us, who can ‘suggest’ a gift for the couple.

Buy Our Honeymoon allows you to put as little or as much information as your heart desires. Designed to give you choice. So there is lots of flexibility incase you haven’t quite decided ‘what you want to do’ or even ‘where you want to go’. E.g ‘Picnic on Payne’s Bay beach in Barbados’, v’s  ‘A Picnic’.

Here’s one I made earlier! :o)

Buy Our HoneymoonScreen Shot 2014-04-03 at 21.42.23

In addition, the site is quite intuitive and can easily link to any wedding website you have already created, so you can link the two together, rather than giving guests several website addresses. As an added extra, you can also have your own honeymoon registry cards printed to add to your wedding invitations to direct guests to the site.

Is Buy Our Honeymoon, typically for couples who can’t afford their own Honeymoon?

We certainly do have plenty of couples whose gifts help make their honeymoon happen.  Others have the basics covered, but are looking to turn their honeymoon into more than just a holiday.

The common thread is that it’s for couples who are actively seeking an alternative to a department store registry. Couples whose biggest wish is instead to achieve the honeymoon of their dreams — whatever that may be — with the love and support of their friends and family. We’re dedicated to serving that specific market and understanding its unique needs.

You can personalise your honeymoon registry to suit your needs, by choosing various themes, and by editing custom text to match your personalities to represent you and your partner, (or leave them as is if you quite like it!)


What has been your favourite Buy Our Honeymoon registry to date? 

So many of our couples really get creative with their list — to tell the story of their honeymoon: where they’re headed, why it’s important to them, what they most hope to remember from the experience.  We’ve seen trips to off-the-beaten-track destinations (Antarctica, Easter Island) and some genuinely offbeat gifts (his ’n’ hers tattoos, dehydrated food supplies for a hike near the North Pole).

But my favourite list is of course our own.  We’d do it all again in a heartbeat! (Nu Bride: Oh you romantics! )

I asked Andrew and Shelley what made them think having a honeymoon registry was more meaningful than asking your Gran for a tenner. This was their response which I think  sums up the whole concept perfectly.

Having a honeymoon gift list is much more meaningful than simply asking for cash instead of presents.  With a basic cash donation, each individual gift is just an amount.  With a honeymoon gift list, it represents an upgrade to your rental car, or an hour of your flight, or a romantic meal in a tropical paradise.

We realised that the thing that would mean the most to us was making our honeymoon as special as possible. To this day, we both value the memories our friends and family were able to help create for us far more than if their gifts had been a towel set or some wine glasses.

I must admit, whilst I love and am very appreciative of our toaster, I don’t look at it as fondly as I do the memories created by guests from our honeymoon contributions! I enjoyed writing our thank you cards and telling guests what their contribution allowed us to experience on our honeymoon. Sadly I couldn’t quite go into the same amount of detail with a toaster or crockery. Even someone who is used to writing like me couldn’t be that creative! Appreciative? Absolutely. As meaningful as our honeymoon memories from guests contributions? Not as much.


You can have play around with the site to see if Buy Our Honeymoon is the right gift list service for you, by using their free trial.

Buy Our Honeymoon are also kindly offering Nu Bride readers a 20% discount off your honeymoon gift list. All you have to do is enter promotional code: NUBRIDE when signing up for a free trial! (Buy Our Honeymoon Says:  This applies to Buy Our Honeymoon’s £55 one-off fee.  If you choose to set up online gift payments through PayPal or GoCardless, their fees and restrictions aren’t affected)

For further information on Buy Our Honeymoon please visit: 
Buy Our Honeymoon website
0845 224 0189


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5 Responses to “Buy Our Honeymoon: Modern Wedding Gift List: Discount for Nu Bride Readers”

  1. Cathy
    April 24, 2014 at 5:32 pm #

    I find it amazing how different cultures can be. Back home (I’m Portuguese) cash gifts are, nowadays, the standard gift and although there are some people who insist in buying a gift most are happy to just add a few notes or a cheque with a card inside an envelope. However I can see how nice it is to be able to select something from a wedding list and not worry about what will the couple think of the amount they’re receiving, truth to be said they know exactly how much the toaster on the list costs so for me that excuse is just that… an excuse. I find the idea of helping with something specific is really nice and hope my guests (one day) will not be offended by me not wanting to get something for the house… because I really don’t have the space for it!!

    • Nu Bride
      April 29, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

      Hi Cathy,

      It’s so true isn’t it the difference with cultures and the psychology of money attached to it. Look at a Greek wedding for example where money is pinned to couples on their wedding day during the money pinning dance. No toasters there! 🙂

      You are right, even with a gift list, couples know exactly how much guests are spending so is there any difference? Thanks so much for your comment x Nova

  2. Krishanthi Williams
    April 28, 2014 at 1:05 pm #

    Totally agree that nowadays couples may well have the ‘house’ things that used to be traditional gift list items; it’s hard to ask for cash directly but using a service where couples can choose particular gifts (e.g. a honeymoon list where you can buy a spa treatment or champagne dinner) gives the guests a chance to choose something and the couple get the money towards their honeymoon – win win!

    • Nu Bride
      April 29, 2014 at 7:40 pm #

      Ah thanks for your comment Kristhanthi. I absolutely having a gift list makes it that little bit easier to ask for non-traditional items. Win win! 🙂 Nova

  3. Karen -
    May 16, 2014 at 11:24 am #

    I have to say that this is a brilliant idea – thanks for highlighting it Nova!