The Psychology of Diamonds: Does Size Matter? Savvy & Sand

savvyandsandHello beautiful!

I had such an inspiring insight into the wonderful world of diamonds recently with stylish Hatton Garden Jewellers; Savvy & Sand.

Savvy & Sand describe themselves as: 

The quintessential diamond jeweller of heirloom, nostalgic Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands and Fine Jewellery, exquisitely handcrafted in our London atelier.

Savvy & Sand were founded in 1932 with a focus on creating bespoke jewellery from a bijou workshop in London. 

I first met Hashim and Eva at The Wedding Blog Awards at The Ritz last month and instantly warmed to the pair of them, their personalities represented the Savvy & Sand brand perfectly: Classy without being pretentious, friendly & down to earth, whilst still oozing quality. PLUS Hashim has to be one of the best dressed and stylish men I have met (aside from my husband, of course, tee hee).


One of the qualities that captured my attention, was Savvy & Sand’s approach to inclusivity, championing equality in both heterosexual and LGBT life long partnerships. Taking great pride in giving each of their clients (who are often from a large variety of backgrounds), the same VIP service, regardless if they are browsing or purchasing.  I particularly like their  Savvy & Sand Man collection which encourages men to experiment with and embrace diamonds in their own wedding ring choices. My husband tells me all the time diamonds aren’t just for girls. lol!


Savvy & Sand’s unique selling point is in their designs; creating rings that give their diamonds character, introducing intricacies and texture to bands, ultimately creating a ring that matches the holders personality, a ring that tells their story.

♥ My visit ♥

As I was walking through the blinding array of sparkles along Hatton Garden, I realised just how easy it is for many jewellers to be missed in a sea of dazzling platinum shop fronts. But it was Savvy & Sand’s subtle splash of storefront pink that stood out from the crowd and invited me in.

I arrived to a boutique bustling with excited men a heartbeat away from proposing to their beloveds, and couples a skip away from saying “I do’, both testing the Savvy & Sand experience.

I took the opportunity to eyeball some of their stunning bespoke rings, I particularly loved the intricacies of their exclusive Verragio collection. .


♥ The pressures of buying the ‘right’ engagement ring ♥

Savvy & Sand recognise that buying an engagement ring in particular, is one of the hardest buying decisions you (your partner) will have to make.

This is something I had never even thought about until now and something I am now beginning to understand.

Hands up…..How may of you put some form of ‘when are you going to ask me to marry you’ type pressure on your signficant other? How many times? Come on, don’t be shy. 🙂  How many of us have or had an expectation of what our ring should look like and what size the diamond should be? Yup. Me too.

Before we got engaged, I remember saying to Mr Nu Bride, that I wouldn’t mind what ring he chose for me and just wanted to be married to him (lie lie lie lol) – consciously that was my genuine intention and consciously I meant it, although I’m pretty sure my subconscious felt very differently, because, if Mr Nu Bride had heeded my ‘I don’t mind what ring you buy me’ words and rocked up with a £30 silver plated ring from the high street –  well…. who knows where we would be right now. lol!

Sad but true, whether it is conscious or not, there is pressure, which  is created by us, society and lifestyle. Even if our yearning to ‘put a ring on it’  is meant with good intention, nevertheless it’s pressure. Financial first, psychological second.

I know many ladies who have hand-picked their ring before they are even in a long-term relationship, or go ‘window’ shopping with their beloved and leave cryptic clues about the type of ring they expect to get when they propose.

So. With all these inbuilt expectations, no wonder the team at Savvy & Sand believe it is one of the hardest buying decisions for the proposer. I could have talked to Hashim for hours on this topic alone

illumia collection

The many layers of psychology when purchasing a diamond engagement ring in particular is so fascinating.

Think about it. The story behind the proposal itself carries weight –  it’s what friends, colleagues, family and sometimes even strangers ask you to recall on again and again. What if the ring is ‘wrong’ or does not meet expectations? What if the diamond is smaller than expected – what does this mean psychologically? That your beloved doesn’t know you? Doesn’t love you enough?

♥ Savvy & Sand Experience ♥

To help the guys, girls or couples with the task of picking a ring Hashim goes onto explain that they like to understand the person behind the ring. By asking questions related to personality plus practical questions such as,  When are you going to propose? What’s their career?  What’s their friends circle like? Financial and personal status? All of these types of questions will help form the basis of design ideas, which are then sketched  on an electronic mock-up for clients to see before the design process begins.

simplicity collection

Take a look at their Amour ring buying process – this sums up the Savvy & Sand experience beautifully for me.

The Savvy & Sand ethos is about choosing and creating rings that suit the holders personality. This concept opens up a world of opportunity at how creative couples can be with their choice of wedding /  engagement rings without going bankrupt and preventing seeing a carbon copy of someone else’s ring on your finger.

At Savvy &  Sand, no two rings are the same. They believe that every client is different,  has their own story and their rings reflect this.

♥ The Diamond – Does Size really matter? ♥

After being encouraged to try on some (a lot of) diamonds (on my gosh!) it became apparent looking through their collection that size was so important – but not in the direction that you might expect.

I tried on a number of gorgeous pieces, but gravitated instantly to a jumbo carat ring, glistening from the brightly lit display cabinet and calling my name. (Amazing who knew diamonds could speak!) However, when I tried it on I was surprised that I was disappointed, it completely drowned my spindly little fingers. So why did this beautiful dazzling 2 carat sparkler look so ugly on my finger? –  Simple. Because it was completely out of proportion for me.

Eva then recommended an alternative ring with a smaller diamond and also with a thinner band, which was no less in quality and ‘perfecto!’.

Hashim and Eva went on to explain the importance of proportions. The importance of keeping in tune with personality, lifestyle, diamond size and band proportions and exploring metals that suit clients skin tones.

Diamonds are imperfect, that is what I believe makes them beautiful. The ‘clarity’ of the diamond is what determines its quality –  a diamonds purity. The more clarity, the more expensive. The less clarity, the more cloudy, or more imperfections, the more cost-effective.

So for example, it’s quite possible that a great big jumbo 2 carat ring with a lesser colour and clarity, could be significantly more cost-effective than a 1 carat ring with close to perfect clarity. Based solely on the quality of the diamond and not the size. Make sense?

So I left wondering, is it more important to have something that matches your personality and oozes quality over quantity (size) or size over quality?  I know what I think!

Would love to hear your thoughts! If any of you have any engagement ring stories to share, good, bad or indifferent, please get in touch!

For more information on Savvy & Sand or to book and appointment to have a wedding or engagement ring consultation, please contact the team directly, I’m sure they will be delighted to hear from you. And remember. Does size matter? :o)

Savvy & Sand
88-90 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8PN
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7242 648

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