To celebrate our 1st year of marriage, I knew I wanted to do something meaningful, something more than going out for a meal.

I knew nothing could top the magic my husband and I shared on our wedding day, but we I really wanted to do something special to honour the hour we got married and the exact moment we exchanged our bespoke vows to each other.

One -  Nu Bride KLP Photography

SO, I enlisted the help of the talented team; Daisy and Tiffany at The Proposers to come up with a unique anniversary concept for us via their Romance Concierge. The Romance Concierge was created to complement their Proposal planning service, with the idea to spruce up romantic dates with the lovely ethos that you don’t need a special occasion to make an effort to be romantic! (Hear Hear  ladies!)

The Romance Concierge can create an idea for any romantic occasion, for £100. Couples can then choose to execute the occasion and planning themselves, or enlist Daisy and Tiffany fully to plan and source items for your occasion, entirely dependent on your needs and your budget.

♥Pssst, watch out for The Proposers who have their own TV show launching on Lifetime channel on Sky TV in February 2014 ♥

The proposers nu bride



The lovely Daisy and Tiffany jumped at the chance to help us plan our anniversary. One of the things I love about the Proposers is their energy and genuine enthusiasm for love, quality and romance.

They sent through a questionnaire for us to complete to give them an idea of our personalities and what we both love.

I was given strict instructions from Daisy that the Romance Concierge planning process, relies heavily on ‘detailed’ personal information. The more information the better. Daisy articulated that the occasion was about us and their job is to make it as perfect, memorable and meaningful as possible.

Some of the questions included: how we met, our proposal (gosh any chance to divulge on our proposal story and I am off on a tangent!). The one question: “Tell us about your wedding day” I’m pretty sure spanned over 5 A4 pages, plus I threw in a clip to our wedding highlights for good measure. Again – any chance! Wedding Chatterbox!

The Romance Concierge also asked more practical questions such as; distance we were willing to travel, budgets and what ‘type’ of anniversary celebration we would like, (intimate, public, flashy etc)

Hubby and I completed the questionnaire together and it was a gorgeous exercise, spending time with each other and reminiscing and agreeing on our favourite memory / special moment together, that did not include our wedding day! It was quite lovely to discover that we found it almost impossible to narrow down to ‘one’ special memory!

After we submitted our answers, it was a hop, skip and a week before I heard a ping in my inbox, leaped (elegantly) towards my laptop and received some bespoke ideas. Daisy and Tiffany brainstormed over 20 ideas for us and presented us with two unique ideas.


It was the first option that instantly gave me butterflies, called Hopes and Dreams: “To head to the special place in your hearts, the place you said “i do”.  Hopes and Dreams involved a few romantic rituals incorporating our wedding vows, thinking about future aspirations for each other, accompanied by live music. Revisiting The Grove; where we got married a year ago, topped off with afternoon tea.

One -  KLP Photography - Nu Bride

Daisy and Tiffany absolutely hit the nail on the head, they got our personalities and how important the day was for us;  particularly for me, to honour the exact moment we got married and recall our vows in some way.

Forever the creative, I was inspired and excited to plan our day myself with a few tweaks and personalisation here and there.

It’s  not uncommon at this stage of the planning to go back and forth with the Romance Concierge to tweak and fine tune ideas. Daisy says: “Once we send through an idea, the client may love it, or it can spark further ideas. (This is exactly what happened for me!) So we will happily tweak a clients proposal to incorporate these new ideas. Sometimes a client will want all of the ideas we suggest (I can see why!) but then it is a case of tweaking and integration.”

One of the ideas within Hopes and Dreams was to have a wooden sign with our vows inscribed on it. I LOVED this idea and it immediately sparked my creative gene. Prior to sending through our ideas, Daisy asked if I wanted the surprise to be for both of us, or just one of us  and from that moment I knew I wanted to make the details of the day a surprise for hubby.

Now I LOVED the idea of afternoon tea. However, when I mentioned going for our anniversary, hubby’s response was like taking a bullet: “I don’t want to have a packed lunch on my anniversary.” A packed lunch? Really Mr Nu Bride?  Really? Cue dead pan facial expression.

Another suggestion was to attach love notes to ribbons dangled on the trees accented with roses. I would have loved this level of romance – but given Mr Nu Brides ‘packed lunch’ response,  I thought it would probably be overkill for him, so I needed to give this element some more thought. (But I didn’t let hubby know that of course and I continued with my one woman show of ‘The Convincing Wife’ and persuaded him that afternoon tea was a lovely idea and that we were going.)


I decided to honour the tradition of ‘paper‘ which symbolises the first year of marriage, by  incorporating extracts of our vows on a beautiful handcrafted paper string of a BonBon Balloon.

I first discovered BonBon Balloons last year and made a mental note of their gorgeousness and knew I wanted my very own BonBon one day! The delightful founder Rebecca worked tirelessly at translating my muddled emails and creating something bespoke for us.


With a bit more tweaking I enlisted on the help of friends and family to share their favourite and funniest moments of our wedding day via email and created a wedding memory book  via Blurb. Weaving some more ‘paper’ into the day.


As the planning grew with intensity, I decided that it would be quite special to have the moment captured unobtrusively on camera. Hubby adores photography (though normally behind the camera) so I put a message out and invited a photographer to capture the moment unobtrusively for us. Overwhelmed with responses to join in my romantic conspiring, we were honoured to have the delightful Kathryn, of KLP Photography capture the day for us. What I loved most about Kathryn was her passion for romance & photography and her genuine interest in us as a couple, she was such a pleasure to correspond with and a greater pleasure to work with.


I LOVED the idea from the Romance Concierge of writing our hopes and dreams for the future for each other. I particularly loved the idea of ‘doing’ something at the time we said our vows to each other.

I still wanted to use the idea of a wooden box to place our hopes and dreams for each other for safekeeping, but to re-visit them in 5 years time, to see if they came true, on our 5th wedding anniversary, which symbolises ‘wood’.

20131118-224419.jpg 20131118-224131.jpg

I found this gorgeous wooden box by Bombus. It features a bespoke heart-shaped map of the London Embankment, where hubby proposed. (Brownie points for attention to detail eh!) I loved the gift wrap it came in and the bespoke handwritten note. It’s all these subtle touches  that add to the magic!


I decided to have everything pre-set on one of our favourites spots at The Grove, with the help of the delightful Maria in the guest services team at the Grove to set-up for me on the day. Kathryn was also on hand to capture everything pre-set and assume her covert hiding position.

Watching the weather like a hawk the week before reminded me fondly of our wedding day. We were lucky with another beautiful bright, autumn crisp sunny day.  The wind however was trying to sabotage my tranquil BonBon Balloon shots, but with some creativity with holding the balloon strategically, you will never know!

one - KLP Photography Nu Bride


After surprising hubby with our hopes and dreams anniversary, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce him to our photographer, Kathryn, who up until this point was hiding elegantly up a tree! (Only joking lol).

Kathryn was using a zoom lens to capture the moment unobtrusively for us without hubby even realising and to allow us privacy. We then took the opportunity to have love shoot around the beautiful grounds of The Grove, topped off with a cup of tea (see I snuck that in there!) and an overnight stay.

I’ll stop talking now and let you have a look at some of the magic created for us: ONE

One - KLP Photography NU BrideONE - KLP PHOTOGRAPHY - NU BRIDEOne - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU BrideWriting our hopes and dreams ;o)
ONe - Nu Bride KLP PhotographyOne - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU Bride One - KLP Photography NU BrideOne - KLP Photography NU Bride

Endless warm fuzzy thanks to Daisy & Tiffany at The Proposers, Kathryn of KLP Photography, Rebecca at BonBon Balloons, Lucy and Maria at The Grove for your kind generosity and ridiculous talent!

A cheeky friend asked me what I am going to plan next year for our anniversary, “will you go to space?!” Now there’s a thought! lol! Much love. xxx

The Proposers
Romance Concierge
 0203 539 0143
KLP Photography
07961 071585


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7 Responses to “One”

  1. Bridal Musings (@BridalMusings)
    November 25, 2013 at 9:53 am #

    Congratulations! Such a sweet, thoughtful way to celebrate your anniversary – the Bon Bon balloon string was the perfect ‘paper’ touch and how wonderful that you got to document it with pretty photos too! xx

    • Nu Bride
      November 26, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

      Thanks Elizabeth. We love Bon Bon Balloons!

  2. Gee | EverythingWeddingsAndMore
    November 26, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    Congratsssss! This is so lovely!!

    • Nu Bride
      November 26, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

      Thank you very much! It was a team effort. 🙂


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