Equal Marriage: A New Perspective

Hello Gorgeous,

I love seeing the world through children’s eyes.

I stumbled across the following video (below) last week, it features a number of children reacting to same-sex marriage proposals and I had an epiphany whilst watching it.


A slight digression, but I also had a similar epiphany after watching a documentary called Dark Girls; it features a scene with a little girl being asked to describe what is ‘pretty’ and ‘ugly’ in her eyes. It is one of the many reasons I was inspired to start Nu Bride.

Why do I love seeing the world through a child’s eyes? Simple. Because you get such honest, open and real feedback. More importantly their world gives us a truthful reflection of ours. It helps shine a great big bright spotlight on how society is influencing them and what we as a generation are teaching them.

The video features interviews of children from the age of 5 to 13. Each child is shown the same footage of two same-sex marriage proposals. The interviewer then asks them to talk about what they saw and how it made them feel.

I was pleasantly surprised by their reactions, and interestingly, one child that believed same-sex marriage was ‘wrong’; when the interviewer asked why he thought or felt like that, his response was: “I don’t know”.

I think this response of “I don’t know” is truthful with a lot of adults in many respects. Most of us have grown up or been educated via a system with certain ideals or ‘norms’. We don’t challenge them because that is the way ‘it is’ or that is the way it has always been done. Some of these ideals almost become memes, passing them on from generation to generation, with no real weight or relevant meaning behind them.

When UK, US and other international laws are constantly evolving around marriage, this little clip really made me think about what we are teaching younger generations about values and equality in marriage and equality in the human race.

Have a watch! Would love to hear your thoughts !

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