What Makes a Beautiful Bride?

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Hello my lovely,

Today, what makes a beautiful bride?

We are all made up of an abundance of scrumptious anomalies, perfections and imperfections. Lumps, bumps and bony bits, beautiful shades of ebony and porcelain, coupled with the ‘bits’ we love to hate.

As a bride-to-be, we get copious amounts of weight loss advertisements thrust in our faces. “How to look your best”? Drowned by images of models in bridal marketing campaigns and catwalks’ depicting the epitome of bridal beauty, that coincidentally looks nothing like the majority of us.

Conscious and subconscious pressures to achieve perfection flow fluently throughout our wedding planning.

Like a ticking time bomb, the pressure of being under the ‘spotlight’ slowly starts to creep into our minds, which is already full to the brim with wedding pretty, spreadsheets and family politics.

Suddenly our imperfections become magnified. Our self-esteem starts somersaulting like a yo-yo on a roller coaster, mixed in with a nice concoction of excitement, nerves and overwhelm.

So how do we ensure we look beautiful on our day? What makes for a truly beautiful bride , perfection?


I have mentioned before that I am a strong believer that beauty comes from within. You have to feel beautiful in order to be beautiful don’t you?

I think it is our imperfections that shine through and make us beautiful. They make us unique.  Our awkwardness, our nervousness make us endearing. It is a graceful, quiet confidence from within that shines through effortlessly, to create that beautiful bridal glow.

I asked some of my readers what they thought made a beautiful bride; and interestingly,  it was nothing to do with being ‘pretty’, nothing to do with being skinny, or being the perfect weight, having straight teeth, or flawless make-up.  (Though of course make-up helps! lol!) The one word that popped up over and over again, was “happiness”

These gorgeous girls I put together, sum up everything I think makes a beautiful bride, coupled with some of my favourite reader responses. Here is my definition of a beautiful bride. Enjoy!

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“A smiling bride is always a beautiful bride”

” A beautiful bride is a bride who is happy and relaxed, because they’re comfortable with themselves on the day”

“Being a beautiful bride is nothing to do with aesthetics. Someone who is happy from within radiates beauty. A bride marrying for all the right reasons will always be a beautiful bride. The dress, shoes and accessories merely enhance her beauty on the day”

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 “It’s all about the smile. A proper, genuine heartfelt happy smile that says ‘this is the happiest day of my life’.”

 “A beautiful dress, Oozing happiness and joy, that look in her eye when she sees her future husband”

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 “A sparkle in her eyes matched with a genuine smile”

♥ “Her glow of love and a beautiful dress”

“Her smile. If she is bursting at the seams with happiness, she will make a beautiful bride. Its infectious and will make everyone else happy”

“The joy of making such a covenant with that special someone. It’s that joy that radiates through her causing that ‘glow’ that’s often talked about”

 “What makes a beautiful bride is really hard to put into words as such, but its the love in her eyes and contentment”.


I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly with all of these.

The smile on my face was irremovable on my wedding day, I had never felt so happy and for the first time in my life, I felt and believed that I was beautiful!

What do you think makes a beautiful bride? Did you / Have you felt pressured to conform to a certain ‘look’ during your wedding planning? Would love to hear your thoughts!

We are all beautiful, we all matter! ;o)

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