Wedding Marryokes!

When I was first shown a Marryoke about a year ago,  my first thought was “Give me strength” accompanied by some serious eye rolling. I thought it was an absolutely daft idea and thought it was yet another wedding gimmick to thrust in couples faces. However, that was before  I was shown some Marryoke clips by Wedding Marryokes.  Adore!

Marryoke’s are thought to have originated in the United States and are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK. Marryokes are when couples and guests lip sync to a well-known song of their choice which culminates into a well-edited music video used as an additional source to capture fond and funny memories on a couple’s wedding day.

I was captivated by Mike, the director of Wedding Marryokes absolute enthusiasm for his team’s work in producing something that captures a couple and their guests personalities as a unique wedding video memory.  By their own admission,  The Wedding Marryokes team definitely don’t do ‘boring videos’!

Mike says ” I quit working in TV to set up Wedding Marryokes, because I am truly passionate about the concept. The happy reaction I get from couples is what drives me.”

Mike certainly knows his stuff, with a background as a shooting producer for television having worked on programmes such as; ‘An Idiot Abroad’ for Sky 1 and Sarah Beeny’s ‘Double Your House for Half the Money’. Mike has also produced his own short films and written feature film scripts. Quite the talent eh!

The team is made up of experienced producers, directors of photography, filmmakers and an artist! Clearly the team’s wealth of creative and camera experience makes all the difference in the quality of Marryokes they produce.

It’s worth mentioning (as I think it’s a rather fabulous concept) that Wedding Marryokes can also offer Marryoke invitations. Brilliant for couples who want to move way from paper themed invites or prefer alternative visual creativity. They can make a rather unique save the date idea too!

Natalie and Martin married at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Coleshill on Saturday 9th June 2012.
They loved this song and actually had it as their first dance, but wanted to do something a little different whilst getting their closest family and friends involved.

Cue the music!

Over to Mike of Wedding Marryokes to enlighten you on this infectiously fun concept for your wedding day.

Wedding Marryokes

♥ What type of couples would suit having a Marryoke? ♥

Mike @ Wedding Marryokes: From exhibiting at fayres I know Marryokes are not for everyone. Some couples are very, very shy. Others think it is too cheesy. The people who seem to be our core client base are people who enjoy having a laugh. People that don’t take themselves too seriously. It doesn’t matter whether they are rich or poor, most couples have a special song that will make their big day even better. Couples with similar music tastes are usually best, but I would love to do a dance off style Marryoke, where we intercut two completely different songs. Nu Bride: Oooh I’m up for the challenge Mike – slight issue though – I’m already married…..Hmmm food for thought for a vow renewal! 

♥ Could Marryoke capture the hearts of the shy, reserved and miserable ones amongst us? ♥

Mike @ Wedding Marryokes: Recently, I was filming a wedding invite Marryoke. The mother of the bride-to-be had been given the wrong song to learn and was in a foul mood at the beginning…by the end of the day she was completely converted. ‘I didn’t think I’d like this at all…but it was such fun!’

You hit the nail on the head about my enthusiasm being infectious. We understand that it’s our job to get people excited about the filming and that’s what we do. We filmed a wedding recently that seemed to be heading towards a mediocre Marryoke, but our prior planning transformed it. We had a shot list of ideas that helped us to inspire the guests into producing something special.

I must stress we don’t force anyone who doesn’t want to get involved. But more often than not, when they see others having a ball and they’ve had one or two shandys, they seek us out and start hogging the camera. If not, and they are an important member of the wedding party, we get them just to smile or wave at the camera.

♥ Does a Marryoke video replace a traditional wedding video capturing vows and speeches etc ♥

Mike @ Wedding Marryokes: The Marryoke doesn’t replace the traditional video, but it does provide a wedding video that will be watched again and again, unlike its traditional cousin. Think about how often you’ve enjoyed watching a stranger’s wedding video? We can make the traditional wedding video in tandem with a Marryoke. In fact, the combo of traditional & Marryoke, is our most popular package. Doing one doesn’t negate doing the other. Doing a Marryoke also helps the photographer to get some great shots of everyone in action.

♥ Talk us a through  what happens on a wedding day shooting a Marryoke video –  what should couples and guests expect?♥ 

Mike @ Wedding Marryokes: Around a month before the wedding we send out a Marryoke invite, this explains what we’ll be doing and helps people become more comfortable with the concept. They can get in touch to tell us how ‘up for it’ or not they are. This helps things run more smoothly on the day, otherwise we end up having to explain the idea rather than filming their performance.

As I mentioned, we can film a Marryoke in tandem with a traditional video. This shows that it doesn’t really take up a whole lot of time on the day. We usually have two camera operators so we can film the bride and groom getting ready at different locations. We do a little Marryoke filming there, depending on time pressures. We have the lyrics printed out and a big portable speaker to blast out the chosen song. Throughout the day we take people to one side and have them sing, dance or perform their party trick. They have a few goes at getting the words right, there’s no pressure to get it right first time. Some times we have time to set-up little comedy set-pieces. The people should sing the lyrics rather than mime, as you can tell when someone is not actually singing even if we don’t use their voices in the final video. They don’t give the right natural emotion unless they actually sing the words.

♥ How can couples ensure they get the best out of their Marroke? ♥

Mike @ Wedding Marryokes:

Preparation and forethought are key. There isn’t time on the day to think the filming schedule through. Plus it also prepares them when we approach the happy couple with our filming requests.

If you’re looking for a Marryoke company, their videos should be easy to find online as it is their key selling point, so have a look around. If you like their product, then there’s a good chance they will do the same for you.

Marryokes are not all about lip syncing!! Yes it is a big part of it, but if it is just people singing to camera it can get a little monotonous. Actions that fit the lyrics, the first kiss/dance/confetti should ideally be included in the video. It is a memento of their big day and not just about people singing.

I’ve seen some Marryokes where there has been very little edit work involved. This, for me, detracts from what a Marryoke should be…a virtual pop video. This is why we spend a lot of time editing and adding special effects to our videos.

Song choice is another big element of the Marryoke, it should be a tune that is special to the couple, but also relatively well-known. Anything too obscure or difficult to sing makes things problematic on the day. It also makes it very difficult to lip sync. The guests feel very self-conscious if the song is difficult and it takes away from the enjoyment of the sing-a-long. It also helps for us to know the song as well, because we’re often belting the song out behind camera. (Nu Bride: Tee hee hee!) When we’re dancing and singing like loons behind the camera it gives license to the people in front of it, to let themselves ‘go with it’.

♥ What’s your favourite Marryoke Mike? ♥

My favourite Marryoke…hmm that’s a toughie. I think it has to be the Montell Jordan – This is how we do it Marryoke. Everyone is having so much fun and people can’t believe they are not professional performers. Plus I think it is actually better than the original pop video from the 90s. This video was shot at the reception only, it was our cheapest package where we are there for half a day, making this all the more remarkable (hence why there’s no confetti/ceremony shots).


Thanks so much Mike! What do you think readers would you like a Marryoke on your wedding day? What song would you pick? Or would you like to take up Mike’s suggestion of a ‘Mash up’ ?
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