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I’ve had a few enquiries about how to choose wedding cake flavours. So I have invited the exceptionally talented Roma Finlinson of Sweetness Cake Boutique to join us today and share some of her glorious designs and cake flavour ideas just for you.

Take a look below for some stunning designs and ideas too!

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But first, tell us a little bit about your background and Sweetness Cake Boutique, Roma:

Cake baking originally started as a hobby. I had a career in finance, but always loved baking and cake decorating and did as many classes on baking and sugarcraft that I could in my spare time. I also baked for friends and family. I finally decided when I was on holiday to take the plunge and turn it into my profession instead of just a hobby as I loved baking and cake decorating so much. I resigned my first day back on the job and enrolled into Le Cordon Bleu to start my training in classic French patisserie to become a pastry chef.

My love for baking and cake design inspired me to start Sweetness. My wedding planner found me the perfect cake designer for my wedding and my cake was beautiful – I loved it! I want to do that for couples on their wedding day, make them the cake of their dreams that will make their day extra special and that they and their guests will enjoy eating.

♥ What to consider when choosing your wedding cake flavour? ♥

Sweetness Cake Boutique: Your cake designer should offer you samples of their different cake flavours at your consultation. I offer my clients 6 flavours and fillings at their initial cake tasting. After that session we can play around with the recipes and fillings as much as needed to ensure that the cake is exactly what they want for their wedding.

If you are serving the cake as dessert it’s always good to have an idea of your menu beforehand when choosing your cake so that you choose something that complements the food. You may want to serve guests a light desert after a very heavy meal so may opt for carrot cake.

The venue and time of year may have an impact on your choice of flavour as well. A garden wedding on a hot summers day will need a refreshing desert such as lemon cake. Things to also consider are avoiding any fresh cream fillings that may spoil in the heat and opting for buttercream fillings instead which will endure. A very traditional wedding on the other hand, calls for a traditional fruit cake.

With couples faced with the endless choices, some couples opt to choose a combination of flavours for their wedding cake, where each tier has a different flavour.

When choosing flavours always choose flavours you will both enjoy eating as it is your wedding cake at the end of the day. If you are choosing very exotic flavours that may not be to your guests tastes, use those on the smaller tiers and have the more popular flavours on the larger tiers so that everyone can enjoy the cake.

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♥ What to consider when choosing your wedding cake filling? ♥

Sweetness Cake Boutique: Your filling will be determined by the flavour sponge you choose. The filling should complement and enhance the cake’s flavour.

Your cake designer will marry together fillings and flavours in your tasting session but you can always play around with different combinations to see what tickles your fancy.

Carrot cake for example can be sweet with a vanilla buttercream or a bit zesty with a lemon buttercream. A chocolate cake can be made more decadent and rich with a ganache filling or a bit lighter with a chocolate buttercream filling. A lemon cake can be made more tangy by including a lemon curd filling.

When deciding which option suits your day best, consider your menu and what best fits in with it. Things to also consider are your wedding venue. For a summer, outdoor wedding avoid any fresh cream fillings that may spoil in the heat and opt for buttercream fillings instead which will endure.

♥ What flavours of cake you offer? ♥

Sweetness Cake Boutique: Our standard flavours that we  provide for our cake tastings are; Luxury Fruit, Zesty lemon, Carrot & Walnut, Coffee & Walnut, Classic Victoria, Dark chocolate truffle. However if a couple fancies alternative flavours, we are more than happy to accommodate them.

♥ What fillings do you offer? ♥

Sweetness Cake Boutique: We offer a selection of buttercream, preserves and curd. Our buttercream fillings include vanilla bean, lemon, chocolate and coffee. We also offer a selection of preserves such as raspberry and strawberry and curds such as lemon curd.

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♥ What can the cake be covered in (fondant etc)? ♥

Sweetness Cake Boutique: There are 3 main categories –

♥ Naked cakes – are covered by buttercream only (eg. buttercream swirl cake). The buttercream can be smooth with clean lines for a very classic look or you can have the buttercream piped on the cake into patterns for a more extravagant look.

♥ Fondant aka Regal ice – this covering has been the most popular in the last few years as it offers the luxury of endless options on how the cake can be decorated. Fondant is extremely versatile and can be folded, ruffled or very smooth with clean lines. Gems and flowers can be attached to it, it can be piped and painted on and so much more! It can be coloured to suit your theme or even spray paint it metallic if you desire.

♥ Chocolate – A chocolate covering can also be a naked cake covered only in beautiful, glossy ganache or it can be covered in modelling chocolate which now comes in a variety of flavours. White chocolate can be coloured to match your theme. You can decorate the entire cake in chocolate if you like with chocolate roses, piped detailing in chocolate. Chocolate cigarellos as a covering are still a popular choice for chocolate cakes and pastry chefs can make them in every colour and size desired.

Enjoy readers! If you would like any further information, you can contact Sweetness Cake Boutique via
Telephone – 0785 283 4952
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