Connikie Runways: Walk down the aisle in style!

Now I first mentioned Connikie Runways, very briefly in my post on the National Wedding Show, London 2012.

It is a unique concept  customising your own aisle / runway for your wedding ceremony with colours that complement your theme, or with your names and wedding date, or even encrusted with some Swarovski crystals. Today we are joined by owner of Connikie Runways, Miranda Connikie.

Read on to find out more!

Walk Down the Aisle In Style –  Miranda Connikie

Your last walk as fiancé and your first steps as a wife should be extra special.

A Connikie Runways is essential for your special day, adding a unique touch of glamour to your wedding day.

Connikie Runways is a family-run company committed to the delivery of a superior product with the highest standards of customer care.

As the first runway company of its kind in Europe the team at Connikie Runways understands the importance of attention to detail, ensuring that your product has that extra special factor for your wedding.

Connikie Runway was founded in 2011 with a vision of providing runways that add the wow factor to any venue. Every runway produced is special as it’s used in the last and first steps in an old and new life.

If you’re looking for something simple they provide plain 100% cotton runways that can be printed to match your accent colour. If you want to make a statement their designers will work with you to produce a runway that is as unique to you, with a hand painted or embroidered design.

Runways can be embellished with crystals (including Swarovski) or glitter to ensure that your event is as unique as you. All of the Runways are a standard 147cm wide but can be customized to any width. Connikie Runways are foam backed to prevent slipping.

The Connikie Runway team is at hand to create your dream runway and make your day extra special.

You can contact Connikie Runways on 020 8831 7229 or visit their website on

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