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I was contacted by a couple of readers, who had the same concern. They were both struggling to find a make-up artist for their wedding day and stated that it was one of the most difficult parts of their planning.

So to help some of you along the way I will continue to feature some make-up artists on Nu Bride to help you with your search! Today we are joined by Vernetta of Vernilla Sweet to share some make-up tips with you. Enjoy. :o)

Nu Bride: Tell us a little bit about Vernilla Sweet!
VS: I have been a professional Makeup Artist for 5 years specialising in Bridal, Fashion and Photographic makeup for dark skin, but I also cater for all skin tones.

Nu Bride Are there any wedding make-up trends out there at the moment you can share with us?

VS: This season, the makeup trends are about creating beautiful flawless, youthful, radiant skin and using soft coral and pastel colours.

Nu Bride: Some brides that aren’t used to wearing much make-up worry about looking too made up / un-natural if they have their make-up done by a professional make-up artist on their wedding day. What can you suggest to put their minds at ease?

VS: Your wedding day is the one day you should want to look like a star, and be the centre of attention. The best way to look flawless, to naturally accentuate your face and to ensure you look great in pictures is to have a professional makeup artist who is trained and experienced in doing bridal makeup.

Nu Bride: Is there a difference to how you approach applying make-up to ethnic and European /international skin?

VS: Darker skinned women tend to have oiler and often more evenly toned skin.

So my job would entail adding light and shade to give the complexion depth, with techniques called contouring and highlighting. European skin tends to be drier with red patches and sometimes veins need to be concealed. So it’s about creating a flawless complexion and illuminating the skin.

Nu Bride: Anything else you would like to add?

VS: Having your makeup done by a professional makeup artist with training, experience and references , is the best way to ensure you are getting the best for your money. Always ask to see pictures or a website with examples of their previous work. It’s important to feel you’re in good hands when making an investment. You’ll appreciate it when looking back on photos.

For further information on bridal make-up and make up classes please contact:
Vernetta Lynch @ Vernilla Sweet
tel: 07940 795015


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