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Bonjour Nu Bride Readers, something wicked this way comes!

A teeny diversion from my usual wedding posts –  but still relevant for those of you interested in top-notch and unique wedding entertainment.

I find it such an ease to write when I am inspired and wish I had taken my notepad with me to the theatre last night!  –  I went to see a friend of mine debut in London in his one man show; Le Gateau Chocolat at the Menier Chocolate Factory (Unique quaint venue!). I came away smiling like a daft Cheshire cat, my soul completely lifted.  Annoyed that I had not pulled my finger out sooner to book him for my own wedding!

Le Gateau Chocolat is a brilliant solo debut by the star or La Clique and La Soiree –  the beautiful, soulful, lycra swaddled, opera-singing baritone, also known as George Ikediashi; who can apply eye make up better than Gucci Westman and whose comic timing is slicker than an Italian in an Armani suit.

Some of you will recognise George from the T-Mobile ‘Welcome Back’ advert….”I am a Passenger…..” (if you’re impatient skip to 1 min 20 seconds)


Le Gateau Chocolat is an opera-singing diva with a penchant for being wrapped in body hugging lycra and a passion for laughter. This delicious confection is a killer baritone who delivers outrageous yet moving renditions of everything from pop-rock to opera. He has garnered acclaim around the globe from The Royal Opera House in London to the Spiegeltent in Australia. A real show-stopper, Le Gateau Chocolat has a warmth that will see the whole world addicted to chocolate”. legateauchocolat.com

His one man show is short and sweet and a delicious mix of comedy (how one man can have so many variations of lycra onesies –  I will never know lol) and real raw honesty that breaks your heart. Taking you on a journey through song (from an excellent rendition of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ to Opera classic; Nessun Dorma) and conversation. George of Nigerian heritage and with a degree in law, opened his heart to his audience sharing the struggles he continues to face with his race, sexuality and size. Yet through is own admission states that when he is on stage, it is these same ‘struggles’ that make him feel “invincible” (of course with the help of the lycra!)

His rich, earthly baritone voice and his infectious spirit will completely warm your cockles and loosen up even the most skeptical and prudish! Not forgetting to mention his four piece band who were equally talented and get extra brownie points for the fact that they also got roped into donning lycra onesies –  as did I –  I looked like a blue smurf in baggy lyrca! LOL!

George continues to perform as Le Gateau Chocolat all over the world  with an eclectic and ever-growing fan base. Performing in La Soiree Chicago, Sydney Opera House, with Basement Jaxx at the Barbican and for the Queen for her Jubilee celebrations to name a mere few – Le Gateau Chocolat is in huge demand and in addition to stage and TV appearances has performed at many celebrity weddings and events. So if you want something deliciously different for your wedding, book him!

If you get a chance, do check out the show –  it is such an utter delight to witness real talent and someone being brave enough to go against what is expected of them,  being brave enough to embrace their insecurities, to follow their dreams and honour their talent. Standing ovation –  I too am addicted to Chocolate!



For enquiries contact: http://www.legateauchocolat.com/ | info@legateauchocolat.com
Le Gateau Chocolate @ The Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre, London
13th –  26th August 2012
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