World Wide Wed – Part Two

As the rain in parts of the UK continues to pelt it down (my poor pumpkin plant has drowned!), its time to continue with our world-wide weddings in the sunshine theme. Weee!

Up Next – A tiny splash of Europe: Katie and Alex share their wedding planning experiences in Ibiza, Spain and we have a delicious real bride submission from Gwyneth & Jermaine in beautiful Malta to follow.

Ibiza, Spain – often stereotyped as the party capital of Europe: Cue images of copious amounts of alcohol consumption, frolicking, short, tight white see-through dresses and revellers rolling out of a club at 10am the following morning…. A-hem! Yes, definitely in some parts! However Ibiza also has some truly beautiful elements to offer. The north of the Island has breathtaking scenery arguably some of the most beautiful in the entire Mediterranean.

Image Source: Telegraph | Sant Joan, Northern Ibiza

Image source: White Ibiza | Photography: Westwood Photography

Image source: Ibiza Blogs | Hacienda Na Xamena | Photography Ana Lui

Image source: The Ibiza Blogs | Hacienda Na Xamena |  Photography: Ana Lui

Katie and Alex have always adored the island of Ibiza and will be get married there in August 2012.

Nu Bride: How did your fiancé propose?

Katie: Alex didn’t actually officially propose! We just sort of agreed that we should get married when chatting one evening! We were only young :)-

Nu Bride: How did you choose Ibiza as your wedding destination?

Katie: We love Ibiza and have been many times, so seemed the obvious choice. We will be getting married at a beautiful villa up in the hills in the north of the island near Sant Josep.

Nu Bride: What made you decide to have a wedding planner?

Katie: Getting married abroad we knew we would need a wedding planner to get the main things organised and keep things moving along. Someone recommended a company their friend had used before, so finding one was pretty straightforward.

Nu Bride What are some of the tasks of organising your wedding abroad that the planner has taken away for you?

Katie: Our planner has organised the whole day. So we haven’t had to worry about trying to find caterers, florists, decorations etc. Plus, using the wedding planners knowledge in the industry she has been able to recommend different ideas for day that we may never have thought of. All of this definitely takes the pressure off!

Image source: The Ibiza Blogs | Hacienda Na Xamena

Nu Bride: What ultimately made you decide to have a wedding outside of the UK?

Katie: We wanted a very laid back, low-key wedding with just close family and friends so getting married abroad seemed a good way of achieving that. Asking people to go abroad naturally cuts down the guest list as only close friends /  family would make the effort, time and financial commitment to travel abroad for you.

Nu Bride: Have you chosen your wedding dress?

Katie: Yes! It’s going to be really hot in Ibiza, so I have gone for a knee-length, simple dress. It’s going to be carefully packaged up for the flight so fingers crossed it will be in one piece and not too creased when we get to Ibiza!

Nu Bride: What type of wedding will you be having? 

Katie: An informal, intimate wedding so a very relaxed feel. BBQ, dancing, candles, cocktails…but with a few classic features such as favours on the tables, bridesmaids etc

Nu Bride: One of the best things about getting married abroad?

Katie: It just makes your wedding a bit different and hopefully memorable plus the sun!

Nu Bride: Thanks Katie! ;o) 

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