Who Run the World? Girls! – Hen Do Excitement with Fairy Sten Mother

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You know when the wedding preparations are in the full swing when your bridesmaids contact you for hen-do guest list names!

I cannot contain my excitement! ;o)

Now I have to confess, I have never been, nor will I ever be, one to get remotely enthused at the idea of flashing fairy lights, L Plates, fancy dress and phallus shaped objects for mine or anyone else’s hen do.  (My bridesmaids have been warned!), so I am after something a little bit unique, fun, with a touch of class.

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Over the years, hen and stag do’s have gotten more and more extravagant and have gone from one-nighters to weekends to several days  / weeks abroad to places like Las Vegas! Of course, each to their own, but its important for  brides-to-be to recognise that it can get incredibly expensive and is also a big time commitment. So do be kind and considerate to your hens and give them lots of notice so that they have a chance to save some pennies and arrange their diaries, especially if it is going to be over a weekend or longer. Perhaps also think about offering something flexible, where hens can dip in and out of a weekend and pick elements of the celebration that they can afford to attend, rather than expecting them to be there for its entirety.

Sit down and talk to your bridesmaids about the kind of things you do and don’t want (although if they are close friends, then they should pretty much have an idea of this already!) and of course think about your budget! Don’t forget to include any travel costs and spending money in this budget – as with everything else wedding related; it all adds up!

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If you are not keen, or want something in addition to a night of cheeky drunken antics on the town, how about a bridal-shower or a spa day /weekend? A retreat to a lovely cottage stocked with  food, drink, hot tub, games and maybe a chef  / masseuse to visit? Or how about an experience day learning to make cocktails? A day in a professional studio learning record a music demo? Driving fast race cars? Pole-dancing? If you look beyond what is classed as the norm, there really are lots of exciting, extravagant and affordable options to choose from if you step outside the box. ;o) A friend of mine and her now husband had a lovely joint hen and stag do! We spent the day visiting several locations in London that were special to them, stopping for drinks and food along the way.  Between each venue the hen team were assigned to several tasks as were the stags team. The team with the most points at the end of the night won… Great fun and a great way to celebrate with your beau too (whilst covertly keeping an eye on them!) ! ;o)

We are joined today by Jessica of Fairy STEN Mother . Fairy STEN Mother is a hen and stag do experience agency that offers lots of inspiring out of the ordinary ideas.

Over to you Jessica!

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Nu Bride: What is Fairy STEN Mother? What is the concept?

FSM Fairy STEN(stag and hen) Mother is my husband and I’s exciting new venture.

We’re an experience agency, that specialise in providing hen, stag and bridal shower parties with unique, fun activities.

We basically started as a home tutoring agency, recruiting people to tutor clients in the usual subjects like, maths, English and swimming in the comfort of the clients’ home. Then we started coming across people with unique skills like pole dancing, wine tasting, African drumming, global cuisine and started brainstorming ways that we could expand the agency so tutors could teach such skills and that’s how Fairy STEN Mother came about.

I was a pregnant bride to be so my hen party was a tame affair, except for the stripper. I had such a lovely time with my girls but some sort of activity like burlesque dancing would have been nice especially as not all of my friends knew each other it would have been a brilliant ice breaker.

Nu Bride: What types of experiences can you explore / offer ?

FSM: There’s so many options with Fairy STEN Mother and we’re always looking to expand. At the moment we have classes in Pole dancing, burlesque dancing, cocktail making, wine tasting, floral arrangement, make-up and pampering, African dance and drumming, belly dancing and Sushi making.

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Nu Bride: What are some of the most popular experiences?

FSM: The pole dance classes get people excited, we’ve had a lot of requests for pamper parties of recent. We have an amazing new dancer who can work with the client to come up with a dance class customised to the bride, from Beyoncé divas for a bride to be that was a big Beyoncé fan to 80’s disco.
Nu Bride: How closely do you work with the bridal party / stag team?

FSM: We like to work closely with the bridal party/ stag team but it depends on the client really, some want less guidance than others but we’re always happy to help and offer new ideas.

Nu Bride: What is the difference between a hen party and a bridal shower? 

FSM: A bridal shower in the traditional sense is a gathering usually in the brides home to send and prepare the bride for her husband’s home, female friends and family come together and give the bride useful gifts and advice. Whereas a hen party is less traditional, it doesn’t have to take place in a home and gifts aren’t usually given to the bride.

Nu Bride: What is unique about Fairy STEN Mother experiences?

FSM: The majority of hen and stag organisers offer clubbing and wild nights out whereas Fairy STEN Mother offer an alternative, there’s something for everyone even cultural experiences like African dance and drumming and Bollywood dancing,convenience is also a big part of Fairy STEN Mother, it’s always hard to coordinate getting a group of people who don’t necessarily all know each other to travel far for unique experiences so our experiences come to the client’s home or a location that’s convenient for them.

For fun, I’d love to provide activities for film characters like Samantha from Sex in the City’s hen party, it would be so wild and glam at the same time. Speaking of films, the Paris themed hen party in the film Bridesmaids was awesome, I’m yet to see someone in real life give away puppies as bridal shower favors.

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Nu Bride: Thank you Jessica! Anything else you would like to talk add? :o)

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Readers – I hope you found this helpful! Feel free to pass this post onto your bridesmaid and tell them to get planning! ;o) Enjoy.

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