Let’s Hear it for the Boys!


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How is it possible that women spend hours upon hours of researching online resources, flicking through various magazines and cutting out pictures to make pretty little vision boards of wedding ideas.

Days, weeks, months, sometimes years, visiting bridal boutiques looking for inspiration and ultimately the perfect dress for their special day.

The time spent researching alone can be endless and overwhelming…..

Driving up and down the M25. Back and forth on tubes, trains, buses and trams. Spending copious amounts of money topping up the car parking meter and Pay As You Go Oyster Cards (or train tickets for those further out!).  Planning ahead and booking appointments several weeks /  months in advance to ensure mum and all the important bridal party are free to attend as-well. Then taking various sneaky covert pictures (shhh, don’t tell anyone) on mobile phones of dresses, so we can remember what they look like and then have several detailed ‘de-briefs’ on the gowns after each appointment……

Yet our men..God bless ’em, our men seem to just be able to take it all in their stride with very little, or ZERO effort and preparation and just rock into the first establishment they set their eyes on, try on the first suit the
consultant suggests and hey presto, job done. Suit purchased. Personal tailoring booked in. Finito.

As my fiance elegantly demonstrated in Hackett London today. No procrastinating, no “I’ll come back later /  next week / next month”, no-nonsense. Just bish bash bosh. “Yup, that’s the one, I’ll take that please”! He didn’t just leave it there either. Just to prove his greatness in his impromptu shopping skills, he then proceeded to find the right pair of shoes and the right silk tie (Armani no less), all within the space of an hour – How is this even possible?!

Hackett London, are offering some beautiful quality tailored suits at the moment at incredibly reasonable prices if your hubby to be is looking at purchasing a suit or having one made to measure as an alternative to hiring. Customer service also came up trumps and with a personal tailoring service as well to boot!

 Maybe we could learn from our boys…..Just think about all the time and energy we could save ladies if we were just as nonchalant and relaxed as some of our men and just go with the flow! Could we hack it?! Food for thought? Errrr….personally I wouldn’t have it any other way and will stick to my visual boards and the M25. LOL! How about you?
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