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I have always had a huge amount of appreciation for the amount of time, intricacy (and ingredients!) that go into baking cakes – particularly wedding cakes, having watched my own mother’s love and talent for baking grow over the years (and of course the joys in eating them! 😉  )

There is such a vast amount of choice in choosing a wedding cake that simply looks too good to cut let alone eat and also choosing the right baker to make your wedding cake stand out as a show piece and to capture the essence of your day.

I was absolutely thrilled when Elizabeth Solaru the founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium (yes, that Elizabeth from the TV show – The Great Cake Bake!), wanted to be featured on my blog, on a personal level I am always inspired and excited by successful and genuine black business women. I am even more excited that I will be one of the first bloggers to feature Elizabeth’s new cake collection – The Inspired 2012.

It was my mother that first alerted me to some of Elizabeth’s work via the Great Cake Bake show and I have always been amazed at the level of intricacy involved in Elizabeth’s pieces. They truly are delicious pieces of art. Read on to discover more about Elizabeth and her work, what inspires her, and gather some ideas for your own wedding cake. If your jaw is not dropping by the end of this piece then I will assume you have lock jaw! Enjoy.

All Image Copyright: Elizabeth Solaru 

Elizabeth Solaru is the founder of award winning cake company Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Creating amazing cakes that dazzle the eye and the taste buds of any bride and groom, the company has a prestigious list of clients including royalty, celebrities, TV shows, five-star hotels and glamorous West End stores. Renowned for her intricate designs, Elizabeth’s cakes are adorned with amazing bridal inspired edible sugar flowers, pearls, gems and jewellery. Designs have attracted a great deal of media attention, with wedding cakes featured in glamorous national and international publications including OK, Conde Nast Brides, Squires – Wedding Cakes, Party Cakes, Magie de Zuckers and Hello.

Elizabeth is the only three times winner of Wedding TV’s The Great Cake Bake and is increasingly in demand as an expert teacher of sugarcraft design abroad.

Nu Bride: When did your love for baking cakes begin?

Elizabeth Solaru: My love for baking started as a child. At one point I even baked cakes for my friends and their mothers. But I came from a family where academic rigour was celebrated above all, so I gave up baking. Several years later, seeing an amazing photo of a wedding cake reignited my passion.

Nu Bride: What  / who inspires you?

Elizabeth Solaru: My inspiration comes from a number of sources, including my clients, fashion, nature and the work of my mentors in the industry. 

Nu Bride: I imagine you have to be so patient and have a pretty steady hand to do the intricate designs on your cakes – that is a skill in itself! What do you do to help you keep calm ?

Elizabeth Solaru: I adore Zumba and love to walk very long distances. Exercise helps to focus the mind and it gives me time to think. When I am working I also go into what I call ‘lockdown’ mode as I don’t like distractions which can break my concentration.  

Nu Bride: Was it difficult to break into the mainstream wedding industry? If so, Why?

Elizabeth Solaru: I have always worked in the mainstream and have had a number of careers, firstly as a Microbiologist and latterly as a Head-hunter. I really don’t buy into separation of certain communities from the mainstream and I refuse to be pigeon-holed. This is a global market and I believe that if what is on offer is good and presented well, most people don’t care who they are buying from. The wedding industry is a great arena to work in as creativity is celebrated . Whilst we may have faced some barriers (which one will in any business), a lot of what we’ve achieved has been down to constantly striving to do our best making cakes that are different to everyone else’s. Being part of making someone’s day very special is an honour and it’s wonderful to work with so many vendors with the same goal.

Nu Bride: Perfect! :o)

Nu Bride: Tell us a few tips to picking the right wedding cake?

Elizabeth Solaru: Choosing the right wedding cake depends on a number of things such as the couple’s preferences, the size of the wedding, the theme, flavours that work best with the menu etc During a consultation with Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium these and more are explored so we can create a cake unique to the couple.

Nu Bride: What has been your favourite cake to make?

Elizabeth Solaru: A couple of cakes come to mind. The first was recreating the Chandelier cake from the movie Sex and the City 2. It was such a labour of love and really tested our skills but it became the most talked about cake of 2011 and we had so many enquiries about it. The second was the Peacock cake, photos of it was re-blogged a few hundred times.

Nu Bride: What is your most popular flavoured cake?

Elizabeth Solaru: Our most popular cake is our triple chocolate cake, a very rich cake full of chocolatey goodness. Our Bailey’s Irish Cream cake was also very popular last year

Nu Bride: What was your most challenging project and why?

Elizabeth Solaru:  The Chandelier cake without a doubt. A specially commissioned cake for a wedding at the Jumeirah Carlton, the stands took about 2 weeks to put together and we used over 6,000 specially sourced, hand strung crystals.

Nu Bride: This is my favourite piece. Absolutely stunning! (Which is why I am posting it twice!)

Nu Bride: What is your proudest achievement?

Elizabeth Solaru: Seeing my wedding cakes published in the best-selling bridal magazines has been fantastic. However, being the only three times winner of Wedding TV’s The Great Cake Bake is possibly what I am most remembered for.

Nu Bride: What are some of the current wedding cake trends?

Elizabeth Solaru: I hate to predict trends as each bride we see sets their own trend. Having said that the royal wedding helped bring impressive cakes to the fore so that was a good thing. Looking at the Marc Jacobs 2012 Spring catwalk, peaches, oranges, whites, pinks, yellows and other pastels dominated. I think the love for  vintage and bling will also continue and we are getting enquiries about cakes that are tall and imposing.

Nu Bride: Anything else you would like to add?

Elizabeth Solaru: The past few years have been unbelievable for us and some of the highlights in addition to being the only three times winner of Wedding TV’s The Great Cake Bake included being selected as one of the top ten wedding cake makers in the definitive guide to the best cakeries – Great Cake Places. I’m increasingly getting invitations to teach abroad and I recently collaborated with a bakery in Naples, Italy. There is also some media interest, so watch this space.

Nu Bride: Fantastic Elizabeth – Thank you very much.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further a-do I present to you – Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium:  The Inspired 2012 Collection

Internationally renowned award-winning luxury wedding cake designer Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium present their new range of wedding cakes – The Inspired 2012 Collection. The couture collection is a tribute to the most iconic wedding dresses by notable designers including Oscar de la Renta, Helen Rose, Priscilla of Boston, Kosibah and Alexander McQueen. Full of sensual drama and clean silhouettes, the cakes showcase a range of sugar lace, embroidery and beading techniques infused with modern design. Designs were crafted from custom-made moulds and other sumptuous embellishments demonstrating Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium’s commitment to providing exceptional quality of service and meticulous attention to detail.

For further information please visit:
For enquiries please contact Elizabeth;
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