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Now ladies (and gents) I have always had a thing for shoes, so it was inevitable that one of my first few blogs would be about shoes.

I often spend hours in the Shoe Galleries in Selfridges, hours! (worse thing they ever did was build those galleries!) After going in to buy a cup cake or a salt beef sandwich from the foodhall I somehow end up in the shoe galleries with a couple of Selfridges bags in tow. How did a cupcake turn into two pairs of shoes?!  I often find myself drifting into the Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin section and drifting straight back out again. Empty handed. (who am I kidding! )

Shoe Galleries Image source: Big Fat Blog

Picking my wedding shoes –  another overwhelming task to add to the ever-growing list! Like candy in a candy store –  there is just so much choice! I did consider the flat sensible option for all of 5 minutes but am swaying to towards the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ type heels. No pain no gain! :o)

Whilst trawling through several websites one Sunday evening, my bright sparks brother (who happens to be an illustrator), suggested I have them made….genius! Something I had never even considered. The boy did good! He then referred me to a delightful and very talented shoe designer Anna Kichenside!  –   Ever thought about having a pair custom-made for you? Not a bad idea at all – Read on. :o)

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Nu Bride: How long have you had a love for shoes?

AK: I never had a strong love of shoes until I worked part-time in a shoe shop and saw how beautiful shoes came fully packaged, wrapped and boxed with the immaculately un-creased tissue paper and never-been-worn soles. Albeit I was already at University studying shoe design, I saw what I designed more of an object rather than a beautiful pair of shoes.

Nu Bride: What made you become a shoe designer?
AK: My background was in graphic design, but it was never enough for me. One day I was doodling on a piece of paper and my brother informed me you can go to University to study footwear design. So one day I applied and three years later I graduated with a First Class Hons.
Nu Bride: When was Anna Kichenside  shoes founded?
AK: Anna Kichenside was founded in June 2010.
Nu Bride: Who /  What inspires you?
AK: My inspiration comes from anything and anyone. For example, my favorite designers are Donna Karan and Diesel. Both very different in design styles, but each with their own design signature which I am heavily drawn to both. My greatest driving force behind me is my father, who is a graphic designer and art director. As for things that inspire me as to where I get my inspiration from, it can be anything from a TV remote control, hinge on a door, or even Marmite on toast!
Nu Bride – Marmite? Really? Yuck! LOL!
Nu Bride: What makes a good pair of shoes?
AK: Design & comfort. But the ultimate thing is the way they make you feel when you wear them.
Nu Bride: What is the favourite piece you have worked on and why?
AK: Um…can I get back to you on that one…?
Nu Bride: What advice do you have for bride-to-be’s searching for their perfect wedding shoe?


AK: Wear what YOU want to wear and not what you SHOULD wear! 


Nu Bride: Anything else you would like to add

AK: For all the bride-to-be’s reading this blog –  have a FABULOUS WEDDING! 🙂 
Nu Bride: Thank you Anna! :o)
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