The Perfect Picture

Choosing the photographer for our wedding is one of the most important things for my fiance and I. Afterall they will be capturing one of the most treasured and important days of our lives, so it needs to be right.

My personal favourite, is a photographer who somehow manages to capture the full essence of the day and the ‘feeling’ through a picture. If you can look at their work and grin from ear to ear with excitement when looking at a total strangers wedding day, then in my opinion they are doing something right! Have a good look on their website and see what their niche is. For example. A photographer with a background in photojournalism, may be excellent at capturing natural images ‘documenting’ the day rather than having all the images ‘posed’

For black and ethnic brides it is also really important to look for a photographer that has examples of shooting black / ethnic skin, as lightning black / ethnic skin is a skill in itself that not all photographers have. I learnt this from a lighting technician when i was doing a stage play. There is nothing worse than looking back at a picture of yourself with a green or yellow tint to your skin. Jaundice anyone?!

We found that it was also really useful to meet with the photographers beforehand, see their work, have a good old chat over a cuppa. If you instantly have a natural rapport with your photographer then surely that will help them create some amazing pictures for you on your day if you feel comfortable and at ease around them, especially if you are not used to being ‘papped’!

Some photographers are also offering a ‘free’ pre-wedding / engagement shoots as part of their fee. This is a great idea to get some practice in front of the camera before your wedding day, plus these images could be used to create a guest book or invitations for example.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate on cost! Don’t forget they want your business too. 🙂 Tweak packages to suit your needs too which can help bring down the price. Do you really need 2 photographers if you are having an intimate ceremony? Do you really need coverage until the evening reception? Lots of friends may have pretty decent DSLR’s these days and can share their images of the evening with you instead. Would you prefer to have all the images on disc and print your own images or create your own album online? Are you getting married outside of wedding peak season? Can you pay cash? All these things might be great negotiating tools.

Here are some of our favourites. :o)

James Keates. lovely guy. All images below copyright; JK Photography

Nick Ray All images below copyright; Nick Ray Photography

Mari Anne Taylor : All Images below copyright: Mari Anne Taylor Photography

Emma and Ian! Lovely married couple who met whilst studying professional photography. All images below copyright: Ian Scott Photography

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  1. Mark Byron
    September 9, 2015 at 2:46 pm #

    Lovely photographs above. I totally love the macro shot of the rings on the roses. Great work

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