Zena Birch Humanist Celebrant

I handcraft unique ceremonies with you and your partner at the heart of it.

My ceremonies are written with creativity, care and in the tone of voice that suits you best.

From the moment we meet we will work together on a process that helps me and you understand why you are getting married and the importance of all of those you have gathered around you to witness your day, this will then be reflected within your ceremony with a lightness of touch and jubilant amount of fun.

By the time your wedding date comes around we will be familiar and relaxed in each others’ company and you will be really looking forward to what may turn out to be the best part of your completely wonderful day!

Humanist ceremony venues are not restricted; you can marry in a castle, barn, hotel, decommissioned church, back garden, forest or on a beach – anywhere at all. Let the ceremony be unique, let it be anywhere and mostly, make it individually yours

Zena Loves….

I love raindrops on my eyelashes.
I love the surprise of not knowing what’s around the corner (both literally and figuratively).