Ian Stuart

Ian stuartThe company started almost as a rebellion to the creative constraints that designer, Ian Stuart, had felt while working in New York for a major bridal wear manufacturer. Although his designs were selling more than he could ever had expected, they were extremely commercial, and didn’t represent him as a designer, which as a result, drained him of his creativity.

When Ian left NYC for London, and decided to set up his own label with his partner Pete, he vowed to design only what was in his heart, stick to his signature handwriting, never follow trends, and keep innovating. 12 years in, his cutting edge style has diversified into a special occasion wear collection for hot moms and guests, ianstuart-london.com and most recently his very own luxury boutique in London, ianstuart-blewcoat.com which is home to more exclusive designs.

Ian Stuart Loves…

Receiving real brides photos is by far the best part of the job for us all. In a single photo of a joyous bride, you are reminded why you work so damn hard! And seeing how different brides interpret my designs inspires me!

I love to see individuality, and how a dress can be transformed with creative styling to varying backdrops and moods. We also love seeing the more unusual things too, we’ve had a few brides that have recreated our photo shoots, and seeing cake-toppers with one of my designs will never fail to bring a smile to the team!

The highlight of the year for the Ian Stuart team is definitely the fashion show. The chaos, mayhem and anxiety that grasps us all in the run up is fuelled with extreme highs and lows, you feel so alive! It’s when I’m at my most creative, thinking how I will tell my story with music, staging and styling. Then to watch it all unfold so beautifully, with a crying audience, is the best feeling…. As is the celebrating afterwards!