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Joy to share this delightful engagement shoot with you today bought to you by one of my most favourite photographers; Cecelina Photography.

The delightful and super elegant event planner Andrea and charmer, Daniel decided to mark their long engagement by having a romantic and very glamorous  engagement in the beautiful city of London whilst attending a family members wedding.

Cecelina’s images show their love for each other is infectious, so much so when they were shooting with Cecelina, they felt like nobody else was in the bustling streets of London. Completely carefree and infatuated with each other. It’s a joy to witness.

Find out more about how they met and they’re journey to marriage below!

How you met?

Daniel and I met about 4 years ago and unlike many love stories, ours was not exactly a love at first sight scenario.
Daniel had moved to the small college town of Corvallis, Oregon and like many small towns you tend to run into the same people while venturing out. When we first met I honestly didn’t think anything about it, or him.
Fast forward 6 months and we had started to build a friendship and by summer we were dating. After many wine tasting trips, and late night dinners we were falling for each other.

The Proposal

Two years later while on vacation in Hawaii we happen to be celebrating our anniversary and Daniel planned a romantic sunset dinner cruise.
Before dessert, we went out on the decks to take in the sunset and before I knew it he was on one knee proposing. It was absolutely perfect. From there it was wedding planning central. I happen to plan events so the planning of our wedding has been a dream come true in itself.

Engagement shoot

We knew we wanted to have a long engagement and with Daniel being from Uganda we wanted to give his side of the family time to make the big trip. Meanwhile, we were invited to London for another family members wedding and in planning our trip I thought about how amazing it might be to actually do a little photo-shoot while we were there. People thought I was crazy but I was determined and set out to find the perfect photographer.
I came across Cecelina in my research and instantly knew she was the one. Her style was exactly what I was looking for. Before I knew it we had the details settled and we were jetting across the ocean. Our session was absolutely dreamy. She made us so comfortable and made the bustling streets of London seem deserted even with people everywhere. Once we got back to the states I instantly had some blown up and get to enjoy them daily.
They are our favourite pictures we have ever had together and it marks such an exciting time in our life. They are even going into a wedding magazine we are making for our welcome bags.
It might have been our first time in London but we will absolutely be back and it will forever hold such special memories for Daniel and I.

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