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I had the pleasure of featuring snippets of this gorgeous couples union on Nu Bride a few years ago, so it’s a delight be to part of their continued journey and share their fun love shoot just shy of their third year wedding anniversary at the infamous icing boutique;  The Biscuiteers

This trendy and vibrant gem in Notting Hill continues to draw couples in with it’s charm and this romantic pair were no different.

Enough from me enjoy these beautiful moments captured by the wonderful Maxeen Kim Photography discover tales of how they met and the challenges they have had to overcome.

Allow me to introduce you to travel bloggers and photographer Eulanda and Omo!

How you met?

We’re a ‘Match’ success story! (Nu Bride: HURRAH!)

We met through online dating.

I honestly wasn’t too hopeful. I knew people found their future partners online, but I wasn’t sure it would work for me, but I was willing to try it out, and commit to it for at least six months. However, after two weeks, I received a message from Omo. It was different from the standard cut and paste messages, or the inappropriate ‘hookup’ messages I’d been receiving. (Nu Bride: Oh I’ve seen those delightful hook up messages lol)

I could tell that he’d really taken the time to read my profile.

That first message made a huge impression on me. We went out on our first date three weeks later.


How long have you been together?

We’ve been together for five years, and married for three this month.

Favourite things about each other?

(Eulanda) The way Omo can see the needs of others always blows me away. It’s such a selfless way of viewing the world, and I constantly feel like I learn more about love and giving just by being in his presence

(Omo) Eulanda has a way of listening to others (not just me) that really makes the person feel secure, heard and felt. It’s like she climbs into your soul just to hold your hand.


What challenges / obstacles you have had to overcome in your relationships?

(Omo) One of our biggest challenges came soon after we got engaged. We had to navigate the challenging waters of immigration and visas. Eulanda was on a student visa and her masters degree had ended. Her visa was expiring in the next five months, so instead of her having to return to the US and deal with planning a wedding apart, we decided to have a UK registry ceremony four months before our wedding in the U.S.

(Eulanda) A current challenge we have is in running our business together. It’s a true balance of wills between entrepreneurship and putting away the business talk to actually spend time with one another. Since a large of our business involves travelling with one another, we have to consciously remind ourselves to turn off the social media, and tune in to the other’s needs.


Things you love?

We love running our business and blog.

Its exhausting, challenging, but yet exciting to build our dream together. We also love exploring unique foodie spots & events all over the world. There are so many incredible foods to discover, and sometimes it’s like our first date all over again!

You old romantic souls you. Happy third year anniversary Eulanda and Omo and thank you for sharing a snippet of your world with Nu Bride. 

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Maxeen Kim Photography.

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