A Relaxed Munich Love Shoot | Carolina Goetz Photography

Who’s looking at you kiddo!

Allow me to introduce you to this wonderful pair with the most infectious smiles!

A tale of long distance romance, Julian and Emilie’s love shoot by Carolina Goetz Photography is delightfully and down-to-earth, just like their relationship built on 10 years of trust and a love of travel. 

With smiles a mile wide, I adore the relaxed vibe they emanate without a care in the world. 

Carolina their wonderful photographer says;

Emilie and Julian met in high school and had their first date when they were 16 years old, 10 years ago! We celebrated the date by taking pictures in Munich’s historical city centre, and I must warn you: it’s hard to look at their pictures and not fall in love with them too. The harmony between them is undeniable. They are one of those couples that just fit perfectly together – the atmosphere around them is always happy, relaxed and easy

How you met



We met at the french school in Munich. I went to that school from kindergarten on, she joined the school in 2004. At first we had different courses save for english class. I always found her interesting, however, I did not have the courage to talk to her back then. A year later we were in the same class and thanks to a friend I slowly developed the confidence to talk to girls and to her. From there on out, things move slowly. We started knowing each other, but hung out in different groups. Eventually, we started to hang out more and only a year later, in 2006, did we start dating.

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How long have you been together


We got together on 24.11.2006  so have been together for 10 years!


Favourite things about each other

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I love her positive energy and how amazingly caring she is.

She is also extremely charming and outgoing. In this, she is a great counterweight to me and complements me perfectly.

At the same time, she is a very relaxed and uncomplicated girl. She is down for sport but also has class. To me, she is therefore the rare combination of a friend to hang out with and at the same time a girl to be romantic with.

Whats more is that not only is the present great, the future looks just as bright.

jumilieTINY-19 jumilieTINY-21


She is someone who wants to keep improving, just as I do. This allows us to develop both individually and together as a couple over time without one being left behind. That is for example the reason we both want to move to Hamburg, to keep up a feeling of excitement and challenge and to prevent us from falling into a numb every-day routine that’ll have us look back and feel like we stopped moving forward.

We also both know that we want kids and have the same view on how to raise them. What with her caring personality, I know that she will be an amazing mother.



Any challenges you have had to overcome?


We got together very early in our lives. What with the great amount of insecurities and inexperience this entails, us developing from kids into young adults itself was certainly the biggest challenge.

Furthermore, we were both of the opinion that it is important to pursue one’s way while still young and to not limit ourselves in this important phase in our lives. That is why we studied in different cities and pursued experiences abroad independently of each other. For the largest part, our relationship was therefore marked by long distance, the largest being from New York to Tokyo, the smallest from Freiburg to Mannheim.

Things we love?


Just hanging together is usually already enough. As people who grant each other the freedom to pursue individual interests and entertain different groups of friends, we cherish the time we find to spend together. How we use this time can vary from just going out and talking about everything under the sun, to watching shows and movies, to spending time with our common friends.

We also both greatly appreciate the beauty of interior design, especially the Scandinavian style. That is why our apartment is a shared project we constantly work on together.


Additionally, since we are both people who need to do some sort of sport to feel well, we currently go to the gym 3 times a week.

Lastly, due to often conflicting schedules and a missing win in the lottery, we have not been able to travel together as much as we’d like. Now that we are finally living together (since 11/2015) and our lives are starting to allow for more predictability and financial freedom, we feel that this is the next activity we want to focus on.
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The Talent

Carolina Goetz Photography

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