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Well this wedding is a joyful bundle of loveliness.
You can tell when a creative has planned their wedding. Packed with personal touches, moving away from the grain and doing things that beats to the rhythm of their own drum.

Meet the delightful Sandira, of South-African  and Indian heritage, and charmer, Afshin of Iranian heritage. Owners of sneaker company, Canvas Warriors . After a pretty impressive star-studded proposal, this creative duo and self-confessed – ‘Comic Con geeks’, put together the most incredible Star Wars inspired winter wedding, even in the face of adversity, it was full of every ounce of their personalities focused around celebrating each and every moment with their favourite friends and family.

With a dress embellished with incredible intricate swarovksi crystals weighing 10kg and Lightsabres, fairytales… you are in for a treat!

Submitted by the brilliant Viva La Wedding team this joyful wedding will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

This wedding was possibly one of the most exciting and interesting weddings to be part of and we loved every second of it! Viva La Wedding

The Proposal


We run a custom sneaker company called Canvas Warriors and were in Perugia, Italy working at an event there.

The people who run the event (It was a Vampire Diaries fan convention) have become great friends over a number of years, so Afshin planned the proposal with them, it was a year in the making!

On the last night at the dinner with EVERYONE (The actors from the show heard there was going to be a proposal so wanted to be there too) Afshin popped the question! (Nu Bride: No pressure then Afshin!)

I said yes, about 50 people cried and then we celebrated Italian style in one of our favourite countries!

Nu Bride: That is just incredible 

Coming Together

sandira-afshin-lowres_131 sandira-afshin-lowres_076sandira-afshin-lowres_010
sandira-afshin-lowres_055sandira-afshin-lowres_045 sandira-afshin-lowres_032
sandira-afshin-lowres_087 sandira-afshin-lowres_095 sandira-afshin-lowres_142 sandira-afshin-lowres_140

Being geeks and working at Comic cons meant that we had to have a geek wedding!

We both decided that we wanted our day to be fun and non-religious or formal.

We chose a Winter Star Wars theme.

We had two Storm troopers to lead us down the aisle, the cake was a Death star with a lightsaber knife! The groomsmen each had a lightsaber in hand for a lightsaber salute after the ceremony.

Both Afshin And I as well as all the Groomsmen and bridesmaids wore customised Converse (made by us and our company) Afshin, Myself and the Groomsmen had Star Wars paintings on our shoes, the bridesmaids chose different fairytale’s.

Nu Bride: Brilliant!


The Dress


I chose to wear a Lengha  (a traditional Indian outfit), with a modern twist. Traditionally Indian brides wear red, so I broke tradition by choosing a glacier blue outfit adorned with Swarovski crystals. I also worked with the Designer to Design a long jacket with a train that I wore during the day.

I found the outfit by watching the catwalk shows of Asian Bride magazine. The Designer Haré Dhami for Sharons Couture was located in Birmingham so we drove up from London to meet him. He was amazing and worked with us to tailor make both my dress and Afshins suit. Both were made to measure in India.
My Dress with all the crystal work weighed about 7-10kg! (Nu Bride: Oh my gosh!)

I created our matching Converse shoes. My shoes were custom painted in the colour of the outfit and had the crystal design replicated on the shoes. Stormtroopers & the death star were painted on the inner sides. The shoes featured our initials and the date of the wedding.


The Suit


The Dress had a matching Sherwani (Indian Suit) for the groom and Afshin And I both fell in love with the outfits! Afshins suit was the same colour as my dress with intricate crystal work on his jacket with a Nehru collar.

I also customised a Fedora hat for him, matching the hat to the colour of our outfits and accenting it with the same fabric as his jacket.


Our designer ordered half a meter of extra fabric so I could use it on Afshin’s Fedora and so that we could also make a bow tie collar, and a bow for our beloved Daschunds Remy & Luna! They both got to attend the wedding for a short time to be included in our photos & video!

I created Afshin’s matching Converse too.  His shoes were custom painted in the colour of the outfit and had the crystal design replicated on the shoes. Stormtroopers & the Millennium Falcon were painted on the inner sides with our initials and the date of the wedding. (Nu Bride: Epic attention to detail)

We chose Viva La Wedding to capture both our wedding photography and film and could not recommend them more. Fantastic service and the Photos/video are EXACTLY what we had in mind. We have remained friends with them on Facebook ever since.

The Ceremony


We chose to just have the Registry ceremony with 40 of our closest friends & family in the beautiful Laura Ashley The Manor.
sandira-afshin-lowres_257sandira-afshin-lowres_165 sandira-afshin-lowres_171 sandira-afshin-lowres_179 sandira-afshin-lowres_181 sandira-afshin-lowres_185 sandira-afshin-lowres_194 sandira-afshin-lowres_209 sandira-afshin-lowres_206 sandira-afshin-lowres_199 sandira-afshin-lowres_198sandira-afshin-lowres_217 sandira-afshin-lowres_418 sandira-afshin-lowres_234 sandira-afshin-lowres_235

In keeping with our Star Wars theme, at end of our ceremony even the Registrars were happy to end the ceremony with the phrase “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”

sandira-afshin-lowres_267 sandira-afshin-lowres_259 sandira-afshin-lowres_258sandira-afshin-lowres_270

The Reception

sandira-afshin-lowres_364sandira-afshin-lowres_326 sandira-afshin-lowres_354 sandira-afshin-lowres_350 sandira-afshin-lowres_327 sandira-afshin-lowres_316 sandira-afshin-lowres_315 sandira-afshin-lowres_323 sandira-afshin-10 sandira-afshin-lowres_117 sandira-afshin-lowres_113 sandira-afshin-lowres_108 sandira-afshin-lowres_158

As it was a winter wedding we chose not to have flowers instead I carried a snowflake crystal bouquet, my dad wore a matching snowflake boutonniere. Each bridesmaid carried a crystal cluster bouquet.

sandira-afshin-lowres_097 sandira-afshin-lowres_168 sandira-afshin-09 sandira-afshin-08 sandira-afshin-01 sandira-afshin-lowres_439 sandira-afshin-lowres_152 sandira-afshin-lowres_391 sandira-afshin-lowres_246 sandira-afshin-lowres_367

The table centre pieces were a take on Christmas trees white artificial trees with pink, purple & teal baubles, hanging crystals, tinsel & candles.

Honestly it all wonderful from start to finish! I got to marry my best friend in front of our closest family and friends who traveled from all over the world; from South Africa, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA & Australia!

The positive energy and joy we were surrounded by that day meant that we were just on a high throughout the day!

Our first dance was Jason Mraz- I’m yours which broke into a flashmob with our bridesmaids and Groomsmen to Pharrell; Happy!

sandira-afshin-lowres_493 sandira-afshin-lowres_503 sandira-afshin-lowres_496sandira-afshin-lowres_510 sandira-afshin-lowres_543

Challenges and Triumphs

sandira-afshin-lowres_548 sandira-afshin-lowres_564

2014 was a challenging year for us as our family were dealing with the aftermath of losing our Brother in law to cancer in February 2014. So it was tough planning a wedding for 9 months later.
It meant that we didn’t get too caught up in details and if something wasn’t working out we just let it go.

The triumph was the wedding day itself, we got to end the year on a triumphant happy note despite the adversity of that year.

sandira-afshin-lowres_544 sandira-afshin-lowres_566 sandira-afshin-lowres_578

Tip to Other Couples


Just have fun with the planning and if something isn’t working out then it wasn’t meant to be. Everything does fall into place on the day!


The Video

The Talent

Photographer: Viva La Wedding

Cinematographer:  Viva La Wedding

Venue: Laura Ashley The Manor Hotel 


Bride’s Fashion:  Dress / outfit:  Sharons Couture Haré Dhami

Accessories / Jewellery: From India

Shoes: Canvas Warriors

Makeup: Caz Hair & make-up 

 Hair: Caz Hair & make-up

Groom’s Fashion: Suit :Sharons Couture Haré Dhami  Shoes: Canvas Warriors 

The Girls Bridesmaid Outfits: From India

Bridesmaid Shoes: Canvas Warriors 

The Guys

Groomsmen Suits: Their own.

Shoes: Canvas Warriors 


Personal Touches: Cake: The AMAZING CAKE Co.

Flowers and Décor: Bouquets from BridalBouquetsbyKyon Etsy 

Food: Champagne Afternoon tea by Laura Ashley The Manor
Dinner Buffet by Apollonia

 Favours: Made ourselves

Stationery: Designed and made ourselves

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  1. Soven Amatya
    December 23, 2016 at 7:08 pm #

    Wow! Amazing day! May The Force Be With You! Love it 🙂

  2. Jo / Joasis Photo
    December 23, 2016 at 8:28 pm #

    Oh wow. This is epic times two. One and only and must be the first wedding ever combining cultural traditions and Star Wars. Beautiful photography too.

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