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My goodness me, this is SUCH an elegant wedding.

Thrilled to be sharing this delightful Persian wedding with you today, which took place in the beautiful and elegant backdrop of The Grand Hotel in Sweden.

Meet the beautiful Mahta and her stylish husband Shahab David who married in summer last year after a surprise proposal in Spain

The style, the laughter, the elegance, the detail, the fashion, the flowers. The backdrop. The bridesmaids, the gents in tuxedos, the champagne gold, the decor, and in true Iranian style with such pure unadulterated joy. Mahta and David, you have stolen my heart.

Submitted by photographer and cinematographers extraordinaire Viva La Wedding

What a wedding! Every detail of Mahta and David’s wedding day had been planned to perfection with fabulous flowers and decor, wonderful food and an incredible party atmosphere.

One of the lovely things about destination weddings is that we often get to spend a bit more time with the couple and capture some more informal shots. We had a pre-wedding shoot in and around the centre of Stockholm with Mahta and Shahab and the images really are stunning! I adore their chic, chilled-out style! Viva La Wedding

Over to Mahta for the delicious details!

The Proposal


We went on a long weekend to one of our favourite cities in Europe; Barcelona.

I thought it was just a regular holiday.

Little did I know that my, future husband, was about to propose. He took me to a romantic place, The Montjuïc Magic Fountain, and proposed in front of several thousand people. (Nu Bride: Wow! Brave man) We had been together for several years and we both knew that we were meant to be together and that we wanted to spend our lives together, but I was really surprised anyway!

mahta-david-lowres-036 mahta-david-lowres-076

Coming Together

mahta-david-lowres-089 mahta-david-lowres-099mahta-david-lowres-158

We both love to enjoy a good party and have fun with a touch of elegance and we both think that our wedding was the perfect wedding for us because it encompassed all of that.

We had a lot of support from our family who helped us with adding our important cultural details

mahta-david-lowres-137 mahta-david-lowres-141 mahta-david-lowres-155 mahta-david-lowres-173 mahta-david-lowres-117

The Dress:

We went to NYC during the winter break the summer before the wedding. I had no intention of finding my dress abroad, but I was also disappointed with the dresses that I had seen in Stockholm. None of them were perfect. In NYC we stayed at a hotel really near a bridal shop (can’t remember its name) and I went in and ended up spending around 5 hours in that shop. I did not have any particularly dress in my mind, but when I tried my dress on I knew it was the right one. Before trying the dress, I thought that the “perfect dress” was just a myth, but then I realised that the “perfect dress” really did exist!

mahta-david-lowres-168-1 mahta-david-lowres-166

The suit:

David chose to go for a fashionable bespoke suit. Tailor made in Stockholm. The shop were great, they helped him choose the right colour and details that would match my dress.

We chose Viva La Wedding as our wedding and videographers and of course we would absolutely recommend them.

mahta-david-lowres-130 mahta-david-lowres-133 mahta-david-lowres-120

First Look

mahta-david-01 mahta-david-03 mahta-david-05 mahta-david-06

Mahta and David chose to honour one of the Swedish tradition of bride and groom meeting privately before the ceremony.

My favourite moment of your wedding day, was when I saw my husband for the first time that day. We couldn’t help ourselves so we started to cry. It was truly a special moment.

The Ceremony

mahta-david-lowres-277 mahta-david-lowres-281 mahta-david-lowres-290 mahta-david-lowres-351 mahta-david-lowres-344 mahta-david-lowres-326

Our ceremony was magical.

It was so beautiful, and yet so relaxed. We were surrounded with people who were really close to us.

mahta-david-lowres-299 mahta-david-lowres-256 mahta-david-lowres-248 mahta-david-lowres-190 mahta-david-lowres-201

The Reception

mahta-david-lowres-195 mahta-david-lowres-218 mahta-david-lowres-212 mahta-david-lowres-208 mahta-david-lowres-237 mahta-david-lowres-231 mahta-david-lowres-228

The funniest moment of your wedding day had to be the speech given by Davids siblings.

They had made a movie with a song that was hilarious.

mahta-david-lowres-389 mahta-david-lowres-391 mahta-david-lowres-393 mahta-david-lowres-392 mahta-david-lowres-431

Challenges and Triumphs

mahta-david-lowres-604 mahta-david-lowres-549 mahta-david-lowres-556 mahta-david-lowres-601 mahta-david-lowres-668

Challenges: The food. We really wanted to serve Persian food with a Persian chef and it was hard to convince Grand Hotel Stockholm to let us bring a chef from outside, but after a time, they finally let us. (Nu Bride: Great to hear!)

Triumphs: We received such great service from Grand Hotel Stockholm. They helped us with everything.


Top Tip to Couples

mahta-david-lowres-437 mahta-david-lowres-486 mahta-david-lowres-682 mahta-david-lowres-684 mahta-david-lowres-742 mahta-david-lowres-228

My tips would be to take time to plan, but don’t overplan it.

Relax on your special day. It doesn’t matter if everything does not turn out the way you had it in mind, it will be perfect anyway and there is nothing you can do about it.

The Video

So delicious elegant! Such joy. Excellent advice Mahta and David. Thank you for sharing a snippet of your gorgeous world with Nu Bride

The Talent

Photographer: Viva La Wedding 

Cinematographer: Viva La Wedding

Venue: Grand hotel Stockholm 

Bride’s Fashion:  Maggio Sottero 

Hair and Makeup: Elisabeth Youssef Stockholm


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