I’m in the Mood for Love: Romantic Styled Shoot at Bignor Park | Cecelina Photography

I’m in the mood for a little romance (when am I not!) and am thrilled to FINALLY be able to share this beautiful shoot we put together on a blazing hot, peaceful summers day at Bignor Park, West Sussex last summer.

I love being able to show you something elegant with a bit of a modern twist.

The shoot was inspired by our talented fine art photographer Cecelina Photography to create more visual inspiration for the modern, fashion forward couple and multicultural couples, after being inspired by Nu Bride.

With a concept in place, we knew we wanted a great planner on board and chose the brilliant Always Andri to style and gracefully put everything together. Andri was also keen to provide inspiration that is inclusive and bears a little bit more of a reflection of the diverse society we live in and the variety of  stylish couples that marry.


This shoot was hugely inspired by this stunning floral wedding dress by Australian designer; Wendy Makin provided by the brilliant team at Morgan Davies Bridal, London. Florals are hugely on trend in bridal again this year, encouraging gorgeous stylish women to not be afraid to add a little, or a lot, of colour to their wedding day fashion choices.

Moving away from traditional bridal nudes, the look was expertly finished off with soft yet dramatic make up, polished off with delicious fuchsia pink lipstick by Joyce Connor of Brides and Beauty. Teamed up with an elegant and modern bridal chignon by HK Hair Artist adorned with a delicate hair accessory from Feather and Coal, creating a simple, clean look to complement the detail of the dress, in a beautiful outdoor setting.

We purposefully wanted to create a look for the style conscious groom. We chose to break up the colours, using black and deep grey with a bespoke two-piece suit finished off with a bow tie from London-based designer, Indivisual By Keye. Using fresh, modern designs that inspire and prove that grooms can look pretty darn stylish, whilst still remaining trendy and fashionable on their wedding day.


For our table-scape moving away from pastels, we used black and rich romantic reds to create an edgy luxury look, for the elegant dinner party wedding.

Following the current trend of oversized bouquets, talented florist Blue Sky Flowers, created a dramatic lush and luxurious bouquet using jewel-like colours and flowers in season, from rich plum Dahlia and Calla Lilies teamed with fragrant hot pink Roses, fluffy pink Scabious and divine coral Peonies.

Our beautiful rose place settings and stationery were elegantly crafted all hand drawn and designed by Curious Me Design, in keeping with inspiring something unique for each couple to appeal to their taste and personality and clever finishing touches.


With the incredible backdrop of beautiful West Sussex wedding venue, Bignor Park, featuring formal gardens clipped to perfection and with over eleven hundred acres of land, the surroundings are sensational and this really was the perfect romantic backdrop to complement our deliciously stylish and elegant couple.

Cecelina Tornberg Photography | Multicultural Fine Art Wedding Styled Shoot Bignor Park | www.nubride.com_5001

The shoot has been a popular choice with wedding press and has recently been featured in the über stylish Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and the current issue of Wedding Flowers Magazine! To see why, please take a peek at the gorgeous images from Cecelina Photography our shoot and watch it coming to  life in our gorgeous preview video put together by HD Moments below!


Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1183.jpgBignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1198.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1200.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1197.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1196.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1195.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1199.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1214.jpgBignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1194.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1191.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1192.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1193.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1190.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1186.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1189.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1187.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1185.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1184.jpgBignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1216.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1217.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1222.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1220.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1221.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1211.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1206.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1210.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1207.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1213.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1203.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1202.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1201.jpg Bignor-Park-Nu-Bride-Styled-Shoot-Cecelina-Photography-www.nubride.com_1205.jpg

Be inspired my darlings!  Happy Valentines!

The Talent

Photographer Cecelina  Photography 

Venue: Bignor Park, West Sussex

Stylist & Planner: Always Andri Wedding Design

Assistant Photographer: Louise Bjorling

Videographer: HD Moments 

Florist:  Blue Sky Flowers 

Caterer: The Naked Food Company 

Cake: The Sugared Saffron Cake Studio

Makeup Artist:  Joyce Connor Brides & Beauty 

Hair Stylist:  Hayley King HK Hair Artist

Stationery: Curious Me Design 

Wedding dress: Wendy Makin via Morgan Davies Bridal

Hair Accessories: Feather & Coal

Shoes:  Love Art Wear Art 

Suit: Indivisual By Keye

Models: Syanne Patterson and Devante Huntley

Ribbon (used with stationery shots): Lancaster & Cornish


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6 Responses to “I’m in the Mood for Love: Romantic Styled Shoot at Bignor Park | Cecelina Photography”

  1. Mark Alesky
    February 23, 2016 at 11:59 am #

    Hurrah, nice to see so much colour, top of the list though is black skin, well done guys.

    • Nu Bride
      February 23, 2016 at 9:09 pm #

      Thank you Mark!

  2. Minna Rossi Photography
    February 23, 2016 at 4:57 pm #

    So pretty x

  3. Yolande De Vries
    February 25, 2016 at 3:46 pm #

    Really fresh, super cute and I love the palette – great job LWCers!

  4. Andri Benson
    February 26, 2016 at 2:16 pm #

    Thank you for all your support of this shoot and featuring it and than you for being the perfect matchmaker getting Cecelina and I together.

  5. Genevieve ( Miss Gen )
    February 26, 2016 at 4:01 pm #

    pretty dress!!

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