Fashionable Wedding Dresses: Belle and Bunty 2016 Bridal Collection: A Piece of My Heart

I have always had my eye on award-winning British designers Alice and Hannah of Belle and Bunty and finally had the chance to meet them at London Bridal Fashion Week this year. Belle and Bunty are popular with fashionable brides and A-listers and I can see why!

I got a peek at the brand new and very gorgeous A Piece of My Heart 2016 Bridal Collection to share with you today.

Effortlessly stylish, Alice and Hannah graduated from the London College of Fashion and went on to design, chic, modern fashion items and wedding dresses in their North London studio.

A Piece of My Heart Collection is clean, elegant and luxurious without the fuss, using the finest silks.  I particularly love their designs from this collection incorporating separates, including a variety of  tulle and silk skirts with beautifully crafted scalloped, low back tops.

Refreshingly gorgeous.

Enough from me – take a peek!

Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4453.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4455.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4454.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4451.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4452.jpg

Award winning cult London-based womenswear and bridal label Belle & Bunty has announced the launch of its latest bridal collection – A Piece of My Heart. Drawing upon Belle & Bunty’s signature look of effortlessly feminine gowns, the new collection has been infused with a retro vibe through discreet nods to the 1960’s and 70’s. Combining clean fluid lines and clouds of silk, the collection encapsulates the aesthetic of a free-spirited bride that is carefree and bohemian in feel yet still retains an air of confidence, romance and a mischievous charm that has become synonymous with the label.

The collection offers a range of feminine dresses that are skilfully designed to skim the body with smooth flattering lines. Decadent and elegant, the collection is a true joy to wear created with a modern, confident, fashion aware and cool bride in mind.

Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4450.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4449.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4448.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4447.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4446.jpg

Taking inspiration from a mixture of 1960’s and 70’s musical genres covering rock, pop, folk and disco, as well as key supermodels of the time, the pieces of the collection are named after iconic figures from the era, each of which shares a chic sense of style and carefree attitude.

Styles include; The Joni, with its silk embroidered bodice, bell sleeves and elegant column skirt making this style the perfect mix of glamour with a bohemian free-spirited edge. The clean lines of The Dusty with its straight sleeve and high beaded neckline make this the perfect fusion of modern refinement meets retro touches. Whilst The Stevie oozes sensuality with its silk satin fabric, dropped waist and full butterfly sleeves which flutter around you as you walk – a nod to the 1970’s in a laid back luxurious way.

Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4445.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4444.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4443.jpg

In keeping with the fluidity of the collection and Belle & Bunty’s free thinking bride, A Piece of My Heart incorporates a number of separate pieces offering brides a greater range of choice than ever before.

Hannah and Alice have designed a range of complimentary pieces within the collection that can be cleverly paired for a truly unique look. From billowing silk skirts to delicate cami’s and scalloped edge lace tops, brides can choose a combination that works for them, a number of the pieces in the collection are also available with or without sleeves so brides can choose their preference allowing maximum control over their finished look.

Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4442.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4441.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4440.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4439.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4438.jpg Belle-and-Bunty-2016-Bridal-Collection-A-Piece-of-My-Heart-www.nubride.com_4437.jpg

All dresses are proudly made in the UK using the finest lace and silk fabrics.

The new collection starts at £1450 and is available now from the flagship Belle & Bunty boutique in London and will be available to purchase this Summer onwards at a select number of stockists across the UK and internationally.

For further information visit

To book an appointment call 0207 267 3322 or email

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