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Taking you into the weekend with the cutest London love shoot by Eva Photography.

As well as being a super talented photographer, it transpires,  Eva, much like me is a bit of a hopeless romantic and I couldn’t resist to sharing this gorgeous love fest; featuring infectious smiles from Victoria and Junior who met while online dating.  Hurrah! A successful online dating tale! More please!

Read more from Victoria below.

How we met


“Jeez, just do it! He’s drop dead gorgeous. You have to say Hi!” Are the exact words my friend squealed at me (and so had my mind secretly).

Oh my god I pressed send.

Within moments he replied. (Nu Bride; Eager beaver, I like it!)

Who knew online dating could be so much fun? Little did I know I was about to receive the best Christmas present last year. Junior and I met online, then we met in real life just a short four days later, after we enjoyed chatting to one another online.

I was nervous, excited, but very happy. I just had a good feeling about this.

Junior at the time said he was excited but so worried I wasn’t real. That I was too ‘pretty’ that my profile could have been fake. (Nu Bride; It’s been known to happen! Can you imagine!) I still laugh about that now.


We met in a nice public place opposite St Thomas Hospital behind the London Eye. May I add, I was twenty minutes after our agreed time to meet, as I lacked sense of direction ha-ha. (Nu Bride: So long as he didn’t keep you waiting, all is forgiven. LOL!)

Our first date was wonderful, so simple, yet so lovely. Wandering around London, smiling at one another chatting to each other like we’d known one another forever. He grinned at me over coffee in a cute little cafe we discovered and said “Lets go and have some fun” and we headed towards some arcades on the Embankment.


Such a fun evening. We played every single game and he even tried to win me a Minnie Mouse. (Too cute!!) We learned a lot about one another very quickly that evening. It was a very magical night.

I felt comfortable enough to be honest and open up to him about a painful past experience. He asked me about my scars on my body and why I moved in a certain way when he touched my neck. I told him in confidence about a secret I had, a horrible thing that had happened and something I suffered with. We walked down Southbank and we stood on a little romanic pier together.  He kissed me and made a promise to me. My heart skipped a beat (of course, I kissed him back) and the rest is history!

Favourite things about one another?

Southbank-London-Love-Shoot-Eva-Photography-www.nubride.com_4330.jpg Southbank-London-Love-Shoot-Eva-Photography-www.nubride.com_4332.jpg Southbank-London-Love-Shoot-Eva-Photography-www.nubride.com_4325.jpg

I adore how strong Junior is. He is such an inspiration to me. He never ceases to amaze me and always, always keeps me going and motivated.

I do love that smile of his too. I love how positive he is about my body scarring and how he is always supporting me no matter what, it isn’t easy for him being with a girl who suffers with mental illness.


Junior says his favourite thing about me is how much I love him. He said to me once I cannot get over how much you love me. Plus he quite likes my secretarial skills for those late night essays and paperwork that we both know he likes to leave until the last-minute haha...

Things we love 


We love food (especially Italian) and a good film. We really do truly love a good cinema outing. We laugh at our most when we’re together. The arcade has to be up there with things we love to do oh and believe it or not a spot of shopping. (He loves it really!!) (Nu Bride: Shopping?Victoria. He’s definitely a keeper! loL!)


The Talent

Eva Photography

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