Classic, Elegant and Luxurious Wedding at The Grove by Urban Cinematography & Davi Matheson

Oh my. This wedding is everything.

I was absolutely bursting at the seams when I received this gorgeous wedding video submission, from Jo and Apos of Urban Cinematography (who I will forever have a soft spot for).

I adore Urban Cinematography, both their work and Jo and Apos are gorgeous. I loved working with them on Grace and I only wish I met them sooner, no doubt would have had them capture our day too.

When Jo told me Nana was an avid Nu Bride fan and was inspired by our wedding day, I felt absolutely humbled.

I was blown away by the beauty of Nana’s smile. Both Nana and hubby  Frtiz’s spirit (which you can see effortlessly in their wedding highlight video), are infectious!


Nana and Fritz  both of Ghanaian heritage, got married on the 14th June 2014 at St William of York, R.C Stanmore. Followed by their wedding celebrations at The Grove, Chandlers Cross.

The Grove is such a beautiful venue and it is also where Mr Nu Bride and I chose to wed.  Both Urban Cinematography and Photographer Davi Matheson capture the essence of Nana and Fritz’s day so eloquently.

Enough from me!

Over to the happy couple!

The Theme

We wanted a wedding that was classic. Before the wedding I got a lot of questions about what the colour theme was. People were surprised when I said there wasn’t one. We just wanted a classic, elegant and simple look.  (Nu Bride: You achieved it beautifully!)

Nu Bride: Ps. Look out for Fritz’s reaction in the church when he see’s Nana! WOW just beautiful!

Fritz & Nana // The Grove from Urban Cinematography on Vimeo.

We chose Urban Cinematography firstly because we wanted our end product to tell a story and to capture the essence of the day. So after watching their sample videos, we were totally convinced that they were the team for us!

That was solidified when firstly I spoke to Jo on the phone and then met both Jo and Apos in person. They are so warm, friendly and full of life! (Nu Bride: Agreed!!) Their love for weddings was palpable and most importantly, I completely trusted them (so much so that I happily handed my dress over to Apos on them morning of the wedding to hang from a tree!).  (Nu Bride: very trusting, I had a security guard watching my dress from the night before. lol!) We couldn’t be happier with the finished product as are our family and friends who have seen it.

The Proposal


Fritz proposed on 25th August 2012. He was living in Geneva, Switzerland at the time and I was over for the weekend. We went to a lovely restaurant in the hills overlooking lake Geneva and the mountains. When we got home, Fritz said he had a surprise for me and asked me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was on one knee with the ring in his hand. (Nu Bride: STUNNING! ) I was speechless – I’m not even sure if I was able to say yes straightaway! Once I said yes (and cried like a baby) I asked if my parents knew. Turns out they’d known for about 3 weeks, which explains the strange things that had been happening around the house. They had been planning my traditional wedding, which was due to take place in 3 weeks time! I called my mum and dad and siblings (who had only been told the night before for fear of ruining the surprise. We spoke to Fritz’s parents and brother who of course already knew, my mother in law had actually personally delivered the ring to Geneva two days before I arrived! My proposal was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m not a huge fan of overt public displays and it was perfect that it was just the two of us at home.


I had two wedding dresses made by a close friend of Fritz (Justin Proano) who was also a groomsman (Nu Bride: Talented man!). Its based on an Ellie Saab design. I asked for concealed pockets, which were very useful for my hanky and lip gloss! We bought the fabric from The Silk Shop in Soho and the lining from Desai in Golders Green.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1730.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1725.jpg

My Hair and Make-Up were by the super talented Kemi King! My weave was done two days before by Diva Dolls in Cricklewood, London.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1728.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1729.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1722.jpg


Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1754.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1755.jpgDGM groom (54)DGM ceremony (123) Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1756.jpg

Fritz wore a bespoke suit made by Indivisual Fashion, with some loafers by Churches and accessories by Lanvin ( Nu Bride: good choice!)

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1758.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1759.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1757.jpg

Our stylish groomsmen wore suits and accessories from Next. (Nu Bride: Let’s hear it for the handsome boys!)

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1733.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1732.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1734.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1735.jpg

We had a reasonably clear idea of how to and how we wanted to represent our Ghanaian culture.

What I can say with retrospect is that hosting a plush African wedding is not easy for the following reasons:

1. Capacity – typically, English weddings have 120 people or less at the reception. We have larger extended families.

2. Finding premium venues which can actually take 200 people or more especially in London is a challenge. 

3. Then, finding venues to your personal taste cuts the number of suitable venues down even further. Larger luxurious venues are few and far between, and naturally they get very  expensive if you want plush surroundings, size, outside space and parking – to be considerate to your guests. In addition, premium venues also often have restrictions on who can provide your food. As Africans we often want traditional dishes, again if this is a must as it was for us, your options are cut down even further. 

Davi Matheson brideClassic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1738.jpg

My Bouquet was by Essential Flowers.  Earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane via Net-a-porter and Bracelet – Monica Vinader

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1739.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1740.jpg

The Church

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1742.jpgI follow a phenomenal wedding planner on Instagram called Diane Khoury; she posted a photo of bridesmaids’ dresses of a wedding she had organised, as soon as I saw it I knew I had found the dresses! I sent the picture to the girls and asked them to each pick a style they were happy to wear (out of 4 options) and had them made by Justin Proana.  Sandals by  River Island, Accessories and Jewellery by Jenny Packham and Debenhams.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1741.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1743.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1744.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1746.jpg

This was my favourite moment of our wedding day. Getting to the top of the aisle and seeing Fritz there (looking absolutely dashing!)

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1744.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1745.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1747.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1748.jpg

We chose the lovely Rola from The New Wonderful to co-ordinate our church services. Rola is an absolute dream to work with. On the day, I felt completely relaxed knowing that everything was in her very capable hands – which is not easy for a self-confessed control freak like me! All it took was one meeting for her to completely get what I was after and how I had envisioned the day


Fritz and I designed the stationery and they were printed by the lovely Brendon of Dunne Print.

We had a wedding app (via my wedding party) which we wanted to encourage our guests to download and share pictures of the wedding as well as providing them with details of the venues and any other information. My brother-in-law had the genius idea of creating QR codes for both Android and iPhones to encourage guests to download the app. These were printed on business card size cards and included with the invites.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1750.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1751.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1753.jpg

The Reception


During our wedding reception, we had Sax player Tony White. I came across Tony about 9 months before the wedding, and he was busking at Oxford circus station. My mum and I were immediately drawn in and stopped to listen. I asked for his card and the rest is history! I had always planned to find a busker to perform at the wedding. I have come across some amazing talent during my many years of commuting in London and would encourage anyone looking for a performer to try this route. (Nu Bride: Brilliant advice Nana! We almost booked a busker too, but logistics got in the way. Amazing musicians!)

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1764.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1768.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1769.jpgNu Bride: I adore this shot! 

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1771.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1772.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1773.jpg


For our food, we chose King Solomon Catering.  We first met King Solomon about 5 years ago when they catered my mum’s 50th birthday party. I always wanted to serve traditional Ghanaian food at the wedding but with a western twist and they delivered.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1780.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1774.jpg

All of the flowers & décor were by the amazing Essential Wedding Hire. (Nu Bride: GREAT choice!) They were an absolute dream to work with and completely understood my vision from the beginning. 

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1775.jpgClassic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1784.jpgNu Bride: This is incredible!

The delightful Sam at Bite me Bakery. She has an amazing talent not just for cake making but her decorative skills are out of this world! I hadn’t intended to choose the cake we went for in the end, I was browsing through her portfolio and came across it on the final page and just fell in love with it.

I originally wanted a layer of blue velvet cake as my ‘something blue’. Sam hadn’t come across blue velvet before but nonetheless took it on and made some samples for me. She did suggest that blue tongues may not be appropriate for photos so I settled for blue velvet cake pops which the bridesmaids and I had the night before the wedding with champagne. So yummy!


Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1778.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1781.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1783.jpgClassic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1785.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1787.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1790.jpg

The funniest memory of our wedding day was definitely the speeches! My dad, brother and sister gave speeches alongside my brother-in-law and Fritz. The speeches had everyone in tears and in fits of laughter at the same time.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1791.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1786.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1789.jpgClassic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1792.jpg

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1793.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1794.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1795.jpgClassic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1803.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1797.jpg

For our first dance we dance to Alaine’s; No Ordinary Love. Fritz first played it for me about 6 years ago; we always said it would be our first dance! (Nu Bride: What a tender moment!)

We had DJ Neptizzle to get everyone on their feet – both old and young! 

DGM reception (84) DGM reception (92)Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1782.jpg

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1798.jpg Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1799.jpg

We had traditional Ghanaian dancers: Abladei UK perform us in the evening. They put on an amazing show and interactive dance which gave the representation of our Ghanaian heritage in just the way we had hoped for.

Classic-Elegant-Wedding-at-The-Grove-Photography-Davi-Matheson-www.nubride.com_1800.jpgNu Bride: HOT STUFF!! Love the change of hairstyle too Nana!

My blue heels are by Tom Ford, my second wedding dress was also made by Justin Proano (Nu Bride: I NEED Justin in my life!) 

Fabric and lining bought from Desai in Golders Green and made by Justin


We didn’t do traditional favours in the way of sweets etc. We had flip-flops in the evening as dancing shoes and they were bought from China. Miniature bottles of my favourite vanilla spritz were put in the powder area of the ladies’ bathroom. I bought the empty bottles from eBay and decanted my spritz using a pipette. Fans were given to guests at the church, also bought from China


Our advice to couples: Go round and greet your guests during dinner – they will be seated and less likely to engage in lengthy conversations if their mouths are full! I actually got this tip after the wedding but would have been very useful to have it beforehand.

Absolutely sensational. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful wedding and such tender moments with Nu Bride readers Nana and Fritz. I am elated that Nu Bride has been a source of inspiration for you and so glad you found some great suppliers from Nu Bride to take part in your day. congratulations! 

Sensational wedding. Congratulations! 

The Talent

Venue: Church St William of York, R.C Stanmore |  Reception: The Grove
Cinematography: Urban Cinematography
Photography: Davi Matheson
Brides Dress: Justin Proano
Bridesmaid Dresses: Justin Proano
Groom’s suit and blazer: Indivisual Fashion
Groomsman suits: Next
Décor & Flowers: Essential Wedding Hire
Food: King Solomon
Production Company (lighting etc): Kudos
Cake and Sweet Things: Bite Me Bakery
Chair hire: Wow Factor Events
Hair and make-up: Kemi Kings
DJ: Neptizzle
Saxophonist: Tony White
Traditional Ghanaian dancers: Abladei Uk
Car: Braithwaite Chauffers
Church co-ordinator: The New Wonderful

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  1. Extraordinary Days
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    Could this bride be anymore beautiful?!! And could this couple look any happier? This is a really beautiful day and Davi, your photography is just brilliant! xx

  2. Clare Tam-Im
    September 26, 2014 at 9:10 pm #

    Beautiful wedding! What a gorgeous couple. Love the shot of the bride’s veil blowing in the wind. And that cake is gorgeous, Bite Me Bakery are just amazing!

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