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Most of you will have heard about the no make-up selfie campaign where ladies were asked to bear their natural beauty on social media and generated £2 million in a couple of days.

The campaign created a huge wave on Facebook and social media in March 2014 and within just 6 days earned a whopping  £8 million pounds towards Cancer Research. Phenomenal. Even the cynics who were having a whinge and calling the selfie act narcissistic, can’t argue with the fact that it raised such an epic amount of money towards a fantastic cause, in less than a week, is important and hugely significant.

A similar campaign is now taking off in the wedding industry: The Wedding Selfie Campaign

5924196-large no make upImage source: Daily Mail

Naomi Thomas former wedding planner and the gorgeous owner and founder of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation is a charity dedicated to providing weddings (via fundraising,  donations or largely discounted services by industry professionals),  for couples where one or both are suffering from a terminal illness and cannot afford to have or plan their own wedding in the time that they have left.

Stunning isn’t it. Bitter sweet.




Naomi founded the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation in 2012 after being diagnosed with cancer at just 26 and having to cancel her very own wedding due to illness and a seed was sown when she was able to have the wedding of her dreams by a local planner who volunteered her services to help Naomi and hubby Graham. I am a huge fan of the foundation and you can read more about Naomi on Nu Bride here or listen to her heartwarming story below:

The magnitude of us that have been impacted by Cancer in some way is sometimes unimaginable. Just the thought of not being able to marry the person I love and create the long future I dreamed we would have together due to terminal illness to me, is absolutely unbearable to me. It made me realise we can take our lives for granted too easily, can’t we.

Wedding Selfie Campaign – in conjunction with Johnson Cleaners

Even though Naomi’s cancer is incurable, she is an incredible fighter and an incredible woman. She continues to find ways to fundraise to create many more ‘happily ever after after’s’ for her couples who have such precious time left with each other.

Naomi and Gareth
Here’s Naomi and Graham taking the lead whilst renewing their vows – how gorgeous are they!
Image courtesy of the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation


Naomi continues to be a HUGE inspiration in the wedding industry and beyond and has been busy with her latest wedding selfie campaign. With a similar principle to the no-make up selfie – brides, grooms, guests, celebrants – whatever your wedding day role, you simply have to take a quick selfie in attendance at a wedding day and donate to the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation.

To share your happiness with friends and family whilst  contributing to providing the perfect wedding day for couples experiencing terminal illness, share  your wedding day ‘selfie’ on social media using the hashtag #wedwishselfie and donate to the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation by texting: WISH09 £2 to 70070

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Will you be doing a wedding day selfie?




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