The Proposers New TV Show & Top Tips on the Perfect Proposal


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Since you are reading Nu Bride, I am making the assumption that you are probably a bit of a romantic like me.  In fact, I would describe myself as a hopeless romantic (which is odd, because I used to be a bit of a pessimist) and I LOVE a good proposal story.

The Proposers | Tom Mooring

The Proposers | Tom Mooring

I first discovered Daisy and Tiffany of The Proposers last year and LOVE everything about them and what they do. In a nutshell, they offer a proposal planning service; removing cliché and creating bespoke, personal proposals. They vow to work with anyone in love, offering their planning service to both men and women, gay or straight.


THEPROPOSERS4Tiffany and Daisy!

Founded in May 2012 after walking through Hyde Park, London and spotting a very nervous looking man preparing to propose to his beloved. They offered to help him with his proposal and the rest is history.

Daisy and Tiffany also offer a super cool Romance Concierge , helping to inject romance into relationships. I personally love the little ‘hint hint’ feature on their website, (for the less subtle ones amongst us). This service is designed to send strategic and ‘random’ emails to your laid back loved ones about proposal ideas. lol!


The Proposers created a super romantic 1st anniversary celebration idea for Mr Nu Bride and I in November.

PLUS they have their very own TV show; The Proposers, premiering on Sky Lifetime channel at 9pm on the 12th February. (Channel 156 Sky, 242 Virgin). The show documents the day in the lives of Proposal planners and people in love. So if you are an equal hopeless romantic like me, you’ll probably want to tune in.


With the power of YouTube and Pinterest I think proposals have certainly gone up several gears globally with creativity, originality and down right cringeworthy cheese. I LOVE watching them all. With Valentines Day around the corner, today, the Proposers are giving away some of their successful tips to creating a gorgeous, unique and heartfelt proposals.

♥ The Proposers Top Tips to Creating a Perfect Proposal ♥

♥ Make it personalised – every couple is different and therefore the proposal should be different too. Take time to really research what your other half likes before getting down on one knee. If she’s a really intimate quiet person, she wouldn’t like an all singing all dancing flash mob in the middle of Trafalgar Square.

♥ Stay away from clichés – thousands of people have proposed up the Eiffel Tower or over dinner. Be different, make your proposal unique to you.

♥ Capture it all on film – you’ll love the day you popped the question, so why not capture the moment on film so you have the pictures to look at for the rest of your lives and share with family and friends.

♥ Don’t be afraid to get expert advice – after all, couples have wedding planners to help with the big day, so why can’t men/women get an extra bit of help with proposing? It’s just as special and momentous and it needs to be perfect.

For more information on The Proposers planning and Romance Concierge services please visit:
0203 539 0143
Images courtesy of the Proposers and Tom Mooring.

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