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The wonderful world of weddings has a little bit of a secret club that we don’t really belong to until we begin planning our own wedding.

The first thing I noticed as a bride-to-be was the numerous language and wedding jargon used.

I remember thinking, what on earth are boutonnières? Favours, what are they exactly? Why are they called favours? And why oh why is dinner on a wedding day called a wedding breakfast, when it’s clearly not breakfast and certainly not served at breakfast time! (Anyone wanting to know the answer to this, wedding breakfast derives its name because it’s the first meal the bride and bride groom have as husband and wife). The list is endless, but one little wonder that pops up a lot, is reference to wedding themes. Everyone asks; your florist, your cake designer, your dress consultant, photographers, even friends! In fact, just about every wedding supplier will ask you what your wedding theme is when you arrange your consultation with them, so it’s good to have a solid answer and a solid idea!

So to help us gain a little bit of clarity in this interesting topic, we have new luxury wedding planner and graduate of Niemierko Academy; Jessica Underwood of Soirée De Luxe to help you with your wedding theme. Over to you Jessica!

♥ What exactly is a wedding theme? ♥

A wedding theme is really just a way of adding a unique style to your wedding day. It is simply choosing a particular style choice and reflecting that in each element of your day. Whether it be your decorations, music or stationery, it is essential that you fully ‘commit’ to your theme to ensure there is consistency throughout.

♥ Can you create a wedding without a theme? ♥

The short answer is “no” – every great wedding has a theme. However, choosing a theme doesn’t necessarily mean you have to decide on something really innovative or extraordinary. Your theme could be dictated by a colour, an era, or it can even be based around your venue’s own style.

You may already have created a theme without even realising it.

NatWest TV advert styled by Soiree De LuxeTaken from a recent Natwest TV Advert – Styled by Soirée De Luxe

Jessica Classy wedding setting

♥ What top 5 simple tips would you give to couples to help them create (& stick to) a wedding theme? ♥

1. Keep it personal! – Firstly, when creating your wedding theme, remember to choose something that is significant to you both as a couple.

For instance, you may want to base your theme on your favourite romantic holiday destination, or an album you’ve always enjoyed listening to together.

2. Don’t be afraid of commitment! – As I said earlier, it is essential you fully commit to your chosen theme. Every single element of your wedding day should have traces of your wedding theme, to ensure there is consistency throughout your special day.

3. No need to go too Over The Top (OTT)! – Okay, so I know I’ve just said to fully commit to your theme, but that doesn’t mean to get carried away and go overboard. If you’ve decided on a “football” theme, there’s no need to have a football bouquet! 😉 As long as each element of your day has subtle hints of your theme, that’s perfect! There’s a fine line between tasteful and tacky.

4. No mis-matching! Deciding on a theme for your wedding should be one of the first things you do. This way you can have your theme in mind when choosing your venue and suppliers. It’s important everything perfectly matches and complements your theme, your venue in particular. So if you’re going for a grunge-themed wedding, it’s probably best not to tie the knot in Disneyworld. 🙂

5. Two heads are better than one! When liaising with your suppliers, make sure that they are aware of not only your overall theme, but your specific ideas too. Remember that YOU are their inspiration and they love to be innovative and think ‘outside of the box’ to create something special just for you.

About Jessica Underwood and her inspiration behind Soirée De Luxe:

From such a young age, I have always loved everything about weddings. It’s such a joyous, exciting and heartwarming day for everyone attending, but most importantly it’s about what a wedding represents! How lovely is it that there is a whole day dedicated to two people celebrating their love for one another? Deciding on a career as a wedding planner was so easy for me! The fact that I can be a part of making that day extra special and creating the perfect style and ambience for the couple and their guests, makes it the best job in the world! 🙂

After working in hospitality and events for years, I really wanted to set up my own business. I had so much of my own vision, that I felt I was ready to work for myself and bring my vision to life. After graduating the Niemierko Academy, I felt the inspiration and knowledge I gained from this was just the boost I needed to create the Soirée de Luxe brand.

Fabulous! Thank you so much for clearing that up Jessica!

You can find out further information on Soirée De Luxe and their luxury wedding planning and events services via:
0207 251 6317

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