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Hello beautiful people. Today we have a wonderful guest post by Nathalie of Rock Bakehouse with some top tips to choosing your wedding cake!

Take notes and enjoy.

How to choose the best wedding cake for you and your day:

Plan and research: Look at the types of cakes you’d like to have, search the internet, cut out ideas from magazines and see what other cakes have featured at your venue.

How many does it need to feed? Think of how you’re going to use your cake. Are you eating your cake as part of your desert, is it to be served with coffee in the evening or would you like guests to take some home with them?  This will determine the type of cake and how much you’ll need for the day

Venue: Pick a cake that will suit the style and space of your venue, see what has been done before but don’t feel pressured into using the venue’s preferred supplier

Style: Be inspired by your invites, flowers, colour scheme, the venue or details of your wedding dress

Budget: Have a budget in mind when picking the design and cake designer

Wedding cake designer: Pick the right cake designer to suit your needs and style.  Take all your ideas and inspirations with you to the first meeting and make sure you check out their portfolio, try the cakes and visit their premises if possible.  If a friend or family member is making the cake make sure you decide on the cake beforehand as you don’t want their dream cake at your wedding!

Type of cake: Tiered, individual cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate or traditional.  There are lots of options so make sure it suits your day and how you’re going to use it. Sponge or chocolate cakes are great when used for desserts and cupcakes, cake pops or individual cakes are great for people to eat during the reception or to take home

Flavours: Opt for flavours that you’re going to enjoy.  Try them out with the wedding cake designer and although fruit cake is traditional don’t be scared of going for a different flavour for each tier

Making your own cake? Plan, plan, plan and practice.  You don’t want to be worrying and stressing about the cake two hours before you walk down the aisle.

Enjoy it: Don’t forget to enjoy a slice on the day.  So many brides forget to try a bit and if you’re going for sponge it may be off by the time you get back from honeymoon

Rock Bakehouse is an independent London based boutique bakery offering group and individual cake decorating classes as well as bespoke celebration cakes in the London area and beyond.

All image copyright: Rock BakeHouse
Phone: 07999 783784

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